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The Shape of Your Ears Reveals A Lot About Your Health

( - When was the last time you really studied the size and shape of your ears? Believe it or not, some features can...

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Why Narcissists Cannot Learn From Their Mistakes

( - Most of us learn when we’re kids about the importance of admitting our mistakes. As we grow, we also acquire the ability...

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3 Shower Habits That Cause Adult Acne

These 3 Shower Habits Cause Skin Breakouts

( - Gone are the days in which acne is a problem suffered only by teenagers. Adults everywhere are suffering from skin breakouts in unprecedented...

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What you think becomes what you do which becomes who you are. There is no shortage of average unhappy people, but to be healthy and happy is your right and it’s easy enough to do. Don’t have time for health?

Well, if you don’t make a little time for your health daily, it will force you to make a lot of time dealing with health issues later. The information you receive from Wellness Pursuits is selected from the most respected experts, authorities and brands that are worth taking a look at.

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