Which Color Sunglass Lens Is Best For You?

What Color Sunglasses Lenses Should You Choose?
What Color Sunglasses Lenses Should You Choose?

Which Color Sunglass Lens Is Best For You?

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Sunglasses are a great way to shield your eyes from the sun and protect them from UV rays, but you may have noticed their lenses come in different colors. Believe it or not, you can’t judge the level of UV protection by the color of the lenses, since the UV protection used on sunglasses lenses is colorless. So, what do the colors actually mean to us?

The Reason for Different Colored Tints

Sunglasses come with different colored tints because the colors filter light in different ways. Some tints are better than others at blocking out light. Some tints also distort colors, while others can enhance them. In some situations, certain tints are able to enhance vision and clarity. Admiring a particular color of tint doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the right choice for the lifestyle you have. It’s more important to get the tint that works for your needs instead of choosing the tint just based on the color you like best.

Gray Lenses

A gray tint is one of the most popular for sunglasses because it’s neutral and helps your eyes to see colors in their purest form. Brightness and glare are also reduced by gray tints. Outdoor sports like cycling, golf and running can be easier with gray tinted sunglasses, and they’re good for driving as well.

Amber or Brown Lenses

Amber and brown tinted lenses reduce glare and brightness just like gray tinted lenses, but they also block blue light. That can make them better for cloudy days when they can enhance vision. Baseball, fishing, hunting, golf, water sports, and cycling enthusiasts tend to like this tint. You may end up with better visual acuity and enhanced contrast against green and blue tones like grass and the sky.

Green Lenses

When precision is needed (like when playing tennis, golf, or baseball), green tinted sunglasses lenses may be the best option. Some blue light is filtered out by these lenses and they’re great for reducing glare. Visual sharpness and contrast are enhanced, which makes them a good choice for anything where seeing detail matters.

Yellow or Orange Lenses

If someone has to work in foggy, hazy or low-light conditions, yellow or orange lenses can help them see contrasts. While these lenses can distort some colors, they’ll also provide sharpness that might not be present with lenses in other tints. Indoor ball sports and snow activities are times when you might prefer yellow lenses, as long as color distortion isn’t an issue.

Rose or Red Lenses

By blocking a lot of blue light, rose or red tints are a popular choice with computer users. These lenses can reduce eyestrain and allow for longer wear times, which also makes them great for people who spend a lot of time on the road. Lenses in these colors also have a reputation for being soothing on the eyes.

No matter which color sunglasses lenses you choose, make sure they work for the type of activities you’re going to be engaging in. You may want to have more than one pair of sunglasses with different tints, especially if you drive long hours, use the computer a lot, or are involved in several different sports and activities. With the right colored lenses for the activity or under different weather conditions, you may see more clearly and reduce the strain on your eyes, as well.

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