Slim Your Waistline Without Feeling Deprived

Slim Your Waistline Without Feeling Deprived
Slim Your Waistline Without Feeling Deprived

Slim Your Waistline Without Feeling Deprived

( – How many of us have read about a new diet, tried new recipes, or started a new exercise program? The good news is that some of them really work… for some of us.

We’re all built differently, have different metabolisms, different and varied emotional attachments to food, different demands on our time, stamina and energy levels. We sleep well or we sleep poorly, we’re young or we’re blessed to be a senior… it’s no wonder that with all these differences, one size diet or exercise program does not fit all.

So here I found myself in a sea of frustration and decided to abandon hunting for new foods and new exercise programs and concentrate instead on hunting for some effective tweaks to enhance what I’m already doing.

The biggest tweak for me was to modify my intake of food without feeling deprived or hungry. Thanks to some great information around the Web, I compiled a list of 10 changes to make to my eating habits. I think we’re really on to something!

Here’s the list of 10 small changes to make that will make big changes to shrinking waistlines:

1. Eat only when you’re hungry and not because you’re bored.

2. Stop eating when you’re almost full.

3. Don’t skip breakfast (unless you’re really not hungry).

4. Eat meals at a table, not standing up, or in front of your computer.

5. Don’t keep fillers like crackers, chips and other processed items in your pantry.

6. Limit your snacks to real food instead of processed sugar or fat filled treats.

7. Don’t shop for food when you’re hungry

8. Try to have at least one meal a day with the family

9. Take deep breaths to reduce stress and choose stress busting foods

10. Get enough sleep… darken your bedroom, use earplugs and turn off electronics 1/2 hour before bedtime

Here’s to winning the battle of the bulge without feeling deprived!

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