Men Love It When Women Do These Things


Men Love It When Women Do These Things

( – A lot of us think we have a decent idea of what the men in our lives want, but do we really? Men and women can be wired so differently, sometimes we might as well be speaking different languages. Need a little help deciphering the male mind? You’re not alone. Thank goodness we have a slew of researchers, psychologists, and  relationship counselors to help us out.

Wear Red

A study conducted at the University of Rochester studied the effect color had on attraction. Researchers showed the men photos of women, each framed in either red or white. They asked the men questions about how attractive they felt the women were and how much they’d be willing to spend going out on dates.

The men found the women framed in red tended to be more attractive, more desirable, and more expensive as dates. It is interesting to know how a perception of attractiveness motivates men. Interestingly, frame color didn’t affect men’s assumptions of women’s intelligence or personal character. 

Be Playful

Men want to feel energized and captivated by their partners. Dress provocatively, just for him. Be confident in your mutual interactions and be reasonably open. Communicate your needs (men find this to be a turn-on), and allow him to communicate his. Remember, even grown men (and women) need to play — so have fun with it.

Men appreciate novelty. It doesn’t just benefit him though. Exploring your own playful interests will not only enhance your own healthy life, but give you the independence to explore other areas that may interest you.

Appreciate Him

While a healthy physical relationship is important to most men, so is feeling loved, needed, and appreciated. Offer reminders of how much you value him for who he is, and not just what he brings to the table. He needs to know what he means to you every bit as you need to know what you mean to him. A small amount of appreciation can go a long way. 

Try To Understand Him

Imaging has shown real differences in how the brains of men develop thoughts and memories. Interestingly, those areas with the biggest differences — the hippocampus, vital for long-term memory storage, and the amygdala, which processes emotional memory — also have unusually high number of hormone receptors.

It turns out that women are truly wired to be more emotional, whereas men process and store emotional information using the opposite side of the amygdala. This may offer some insight into how we process and recall intimate memories.

Because we do have these differences, we need to be understanding of them. Could this difference in wiring, for example, be responsible for differences in how we view relationship play, love, and various types of stimuli to the senses? How can we use these differences as a basis to better understand one another?

Men might not always tell you want they want, but they do have common needs. While we do have our differences, we have more in common than not. By appealing to his hard-wired wants and needs, you open up other avenues that will ultimately fortify your relationship. Let it build from there.

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