5 Things Women Should Never Do At The Gym

5 Things a Woman Should Never Do At The Gym
5 Things a Woman Should Never Do At The Gym

5 Things Women Should Never Do At The Gym

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Starting a new health routine in a gym can seem a little intimidating at first. Even if you’ve been going to a gym for years, it may be time to do a bit of a re-check about some of your gym habits.

Here are a few tips about “Gym Etiquette,” that will help you have a safer and more enjoyable journey to a new you!

1.    Don’t Wear Heavy Makeup to the Gym.

You just left the workplace and you’re still wearing makeup from that day. A quick removal or a 30-second cold shower is a great way to refresh your mind and body while preventing clogged pores.  Besides, there’s nothing worse than “bleeding” eyebrows during a good cardio workout. The gym is the perfect place to avoid makeup, because you need to look like you’re there for business. Skip the makeup or remember to bring the removal.

2.    Don’t Wear Ill-Fitting Clothes that Make You Feel Uncomfortable.

Gaining weight can take place slowly over time or magically after eating that delicious slice of Tiramisu. If you’ve gained a few pounds, try on all outfits before leaving the house. There is nothing worse than your jogging pants sliding down your rear while running on the treadmill or you pretending you’re not aware that you’re half-mooning the people behind you. Take the time to make sure the clothes fit so that you can maintain safety. Running while tugging at clothes is a safety hazard.

3.    Don’t Read a Magazine While Biking or Jogging.

Is it even possible to push yourself and workout safely while reading a magazine on a treadmill or bike? Believe it or not, women do it all the time in the gym. Skimming beauty magazines while pedaling is not only an indication that you’re probably not working out, but it is a sure sign of a safety hazard. Focus on your workout to avoid injuries.

4.    Don’t Over-do the Workout.

If you can’t lift it, then don’t try it. The gym has safety rules that everyone should follow. Becoming the Damsel in Distress at the gym is the last thing you want to attempt. People are serious about their workouts and you should be too. Start with smaller weights and set goals to increase to heavier weights gradually. Pacing is better for safety.

5.    Don’t Constantly Look in the Mirror

If you weren’t aware of this, the mirrors in the gym exist for two reasons: to make sure you are executing perfect form while lifting weights and to make the gym appear larger than it is. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received from a trainer was to stop looking in the mirror while working out. This wisdom serves to prevent you from discontinuing your workouts after seeing small results and it prevents you from comparing yourself to others. Women are notorious for comparing themselves to other women and there is nothing more self-destructive than doing this at the gym. Once your form is great then find a focal point and focus on it while doing your reps. Safety is first!

Learn appropriate gym etiquette and make sure you have fun!

Here’s to Your Healthy Pursuits!

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