Odd Things Women Do That Men Love

Odd Things Women Do That Men Love10 Reasons Introverts Are Incredibly Attractive
Odd Things Women Do That Men Love

Odd Things Women Do That Men Love

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Messy hair, sweatpants, no makeup and sleepy eyes … Why is it that when you feel the least put together, that’s when your man tells you you’re adorable? The truth is, men love our quirks, our imperfections and the weird things we do when we think nobody’s watching. Take a look at these odd things that women do that men love. Are you guilty of any of them?

Acting Like a Complete Weirdo

Do you have a dark sense of humor, laugh at gross stuff or act inappropriately to lighten the mood? If so, you may be driving your man crazy (in a good way) without even realizing it. According to several studies, men prefer romantic partners that don’t play by the rules society has set for them. And the more non-conforming you are, the more love and attraction they have for you.

Laughing When It’s Not Funny

Sure, men love it when you laugh at their jokes. That’s a given. But they also love it when you can laugh off those difficult times that life throws at you, like when everyone in your house gets a stomach bug or when your car won’t start. Seeing the bright side or humor in a bad situation shows that you’re resilient and an optimist — both of which are great traits to find in a mate.

Performing Quirky Beauty Rituals

Have you ever caught a glimpse of your guy watching you apply blush or mascara? Makeup Mania says that men are mesmerized by watching women brush their hair. And it’s true! Men absolutely love watching women put on their makeup, doing their hair, getting dressed and doing their unique and quirky beauty rituals. It gives them a chance to watch you when you’re not aware of it, but not in a creepy way!

Delving Into Deep, Random Conversations

Small talk is a great way to break the ice on a first date, but it won’t make you interesting and irresistible in the long run. For that, you have to engage in deep conversations with your man. He’ll love it! Not sure where to start? Psychology Today recommends asking probing, open-ended questions. For example, instead of talking about where he grew up, you could ask about his favorite childhood memory.

Dancing Like Nobody’s Watching

Can’t dance? Your man doesn’t care. He thinks you’re adorable for trying. That quick wiggle across the living room or hop-skip that you do while you’re cooking, could be secretly turning him on. It’s the moments when you think you’re the silliest that he thinks you’re the most beautiful.

Pressing your lips together exactly three times after applying lipstick, dancing like Elaine from Seinfeld while cooking dinner, and finding joy and beauty when life isn’t so joyful or beautiful are just a few things that men love. Your quirks, your habits, your beliefs, your philosophy — and all the things that make you uniquely you — are what makes you beautiful.

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