Reverse Thinning Hair

End Thinning Hair with These Tips
End Thinning Hair with These Tips

How To Reverse Thinning Hair

( – Most of us, if we’re healthy, lose about 100 hairs every day. We also regularly produce enough new hairs to replace them. Certain issues can disrupt that cycle, though, resulting in thinning hair. While some of us simply have to deal with genetics, others may experience thinning hair due to preventable causes.

Get More Iron

An iron deficiency could definitely affect the thickness of your hair. The best sources of iron are organ meats, clams and oysters. Other sources include spinach, lentils, soy, white beans, enriched cereals and pumpkin seeds.

Eat More Protein

Protein deficiencies can also cause hair loss. In one study, the amino acid L-lysine aided in the absorption of iron and zinc, both of which can lead to thinning hair. Another protein, L-cysteine, has been found necessary for keratin production. If you believe a protein deficiency is responsible for your hair loss, consider eating more meats and eggs, or adding more plant-based proteins like legumes and nuts to your diet.

Relax Your Body

Stress is a very common cause of thinning hair. Luckily, stress-related hair loss doesn’t cause permanent damage to your scalp, and it will grow back once you’ve recovered from the stressful event. Relaxation techniques may help if you’re losing hair and stress is the likely culprit. Try yoga, tai chi, meditation or deep breathing exercises. Aromatherapy, music, massage, and art therapy are also great ways to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about how your stress levels are impacting your health.

Relax Your Hair

Some hairstyles look great but they continuously tug on your hair. Some common examples include cornrows, ponytails and tightly twisted buns, some of which can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Another kind of hair loss can occur due to inflammation caused by hot oil and chemical treatments, which can lead to scarring of the follicles, which can actually cause permanent hair loss.

Brush with Care

Sometimes, what appears to be hair loss is actually thinning due to breakage. This can happen if you brush or shampoo your hair too often, towel dry your hair, or brush your hair while it’s still wet. Unless you’re of African descent, your hair becomes much more elastic when it gets wet, which makes it more prone to breakage.

Talk to Your Doctor

Certain medications and health conditions can contribute to hair loss. Not sure what’s causing your thinning hair? Consider seeing your doctor to rule out deficiencies, conditions, or drugs that could be to blame. If all else fails, talk to your doctor about prescription and non-prescription treatment options.

While hair loss isn’t always preventable, many cases are. If you’re noticing thinner hair than usual, the answer may be as simple as changing a styling habit or adding a few new foods to your diet. If a medical condition is involved, treatments do exist. Don’t be afraid to explore what options are right for you.

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