Good Stress vs Bad Stress – You Need to Know The Difference

Good Stress vs Bad Stress - Why You Need to Know The Difference
Good Stress vs Bad Stress - Why You Need to Know The Difference

( – We’re human… we’re busy. Whether we’re working for someone or for ourselves, or we’re managing the challenges of our home and families, we’re all very busy. Someone or something is pretty much trying to get our attention throughout the day. Busy is GOOD. Feeling driven to accomplish things is GOOD. Not good is Too Much Stress for Too Long a period of time.

Feeling overwhelmed, feeling frustrated, and feeling pressured are indicators of stress and are a normal part of living when they appear in manageable doses. It’s vital for your health, your relationships and your overall life experience to know the difference between what’s normal and what has become a dangerous, chronic condition.

Chronic stress is really, really BAD for your health.

5 symptoms that if they go on for a week or more you may have Chronic Stress:

  1. Often misplace things or lose your train of thought
  2. Feel constantly tired – even after just waking up
  3. Feel a vague sense of unhappiness or futility
  4. Feel short tempered and too often snap at people or situations
  5. Have more than usual aches and pains, including headaches

Don’t take these lightly.

Chronic stress is known to be a significant factor in Cardiac Diseases, Cancer, High Blood Pressure and Migraines… just to name a few. Identifying that you have crossed the line from being busy to being chronically stressed is the first thing you must do. After that, get some help to determine what you can do to change things. Seek council from your family, friends, spiritual or religious advisor or a medical professional.

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