3 Tricks That Can Lift Depression

Want a Happy Life? - 3 Things To Avoid
Want a Happy Life? - 3 Things To Avoid

3 Tricks That Can Lift Depression

(WellnessPursuits.com) – With most of us beginning our morning in a panic-fueled hustle it’s no surprise that the number of American’s diagnosed with depression is rising by around 20% every year.

Depression creates higher rates of health conditions like obesity, heart disease, and stroke, finding ways to be happier has never been so important. The following 3 tricks to being happier every day can go a long way in chasing those depression blues away and have a huge impact on your attitude and your health.

1.Try Some Happy Self-Care

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “if your cup is empty, you cannot nourish someone else.” If you’re one of the 80% of Americans experiencing symptoms of clinical depression, chances are that self-care hasn’t been at the top of your priority list.

Finding ways to fit time for yourself in your schedule doesn’t just help you get rest, it’s also proving to yourself that you’re worth the effort. Self care looks different for everyone, too.

These ideas are a few of the most common options; pick the ones that resonate with you, and make them a permanent fixture on your schedule.

  • Workout, walk, or hit up a local yoga studio.
  • Craft, sew, or pick up a hobby.
  • Make it a point right now to get to the spa or take a bath.

2. Practice Flexing Your Gratitude Muscle

When you’re feeling unhappy nothing can seem harder than being grateful, but research shows that practicing gratitude can not only make you happier, but it can help improve productivity, quality of life, and overall wellbeing. Not sure where to start? These ideas on practicing gratitude can help you get closer than ever to a happier healthier you.

  • Journal, discuss, or post about the things that you’re most grateful for every night.
  • Take a mental snapshot of good things that happen throughout your day to revisit when you’re feeling down.
  • Say thank you to people, places, and things that bring you joy throughout the day.

Gratitude practice can be as simple or complicated as you make it. By taking a few minutes a day to reflect on what you were happy about and give a quiet thank you to those things, you can chip away at the unhappiness you’ve been swallowed by and make room for a more whole you.

3. Let Go of Obsessing Over What’s Already Happened

Obsessing over the past isn’t just a waste of time; ruminating on things that you have no control over can take up valuable mental space and cloud the potential for happiness throughout your day.

Like walking repeatedly through tall grass, thinking the same thing every day leaves indented pathways in the brain making whatever you think about easier to get to every day.

If the negativity you’ve been focused on feels automatic and you’re struggling to let it go, try these tips to help create better mental habits:

  • Redirect negative thoughts on what’s happened to positive changes you’re going to make in the future.
  • Literally tell yourself that those thoughts don’t serve you, and interrupt the thought pattern whenever you notice it.
  • Find a mantra that quiets the complaints; for example, “I am the master of right now. The past isn’t relevant.”

Make it a point to release what happens throughout your day before you climb into bed, and be intentional about starting over new every morning and when in doubt, journal whatever it is that’s on your mind and toss it in the trash.

Happy people make their happiness a goal and priority, and their ability to remain self-aware keeps them from slipping into the fog of a bad day. Create happiness in your daily life by setting intentions for yourself and reminding yourself of them daily and see how quickly the universe will adapt to your decision.

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