9 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

9 Best Snacks for Weight Loss
9 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

9 Best Snacks for Weight Loss

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Not all snacks are created equal. While some can have you packing on the pounds in surprisingly small servings, others are far more forgiving on portion sizes. Snack choice can make or break a diet, but some foods can help to tip the scales in your favor.

If your old snacking routine has you in a rut, look no further for some tasty new ideas that might also give your diet that boost you’ve been looking for.

Looking for some snacking ideas that might improve rather than expand your waistline? Read more for our list of nine best snacks for weight loss.


While calorie dense and high in fat, almonds are also packed with protein and tend to leave you feeling full and satisfied. They also contain a slew of nutrients, some of which may have properties that can help you control your weight.

An article published in the Journal of Obesity suggested their presence in the diet alone might help with weight loss. Two groups of people followed low-calorie diets, one with added carbohydrates and the other supplemented with almonds. Both consumed the same number of daily calories. After six months, the carbohydrate group lost an average of 11 pounds, while the almond group lost an average of 18—that’s more than an extra pound lost each month, just with the addition of almonds to the diet.

Dark Chocolate

Another high-fat, calorie-dense snack, dark chocolate is touted as a miracle food with some science behind it. Like nuts, dark chocolate satisfies quickly, so it’s harder to overeat. It also contains heart-protecting flavanols and a number of essential minerals, so you can feel both pleasure and the satisfaction of indulging in a healthy snack when you eat a square or two.


High in calcium and protein, yogurt is both filling and nutritious, and the added probiotics keep your gut healthy and happy. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed a correlation between yogurt consumption and weight control. Researchers found those who ate yogurt tended to gain less age-associated weight. Be careful to read the labels before you buy, though, and choose brands that come without all that added sugar.

Red Fruits

Red fruits contain anthocyanins, flavonoids that may increase energy production and decrease fat absorption. Fruit is also high in fiber, which leaves you feeling full and helps with gut health. Some great choices include:

  • Cherries are over 80% water, but they’re also packed with fat-fighting vitamin C. Eat as an evening snack to take advantage of their natural melatonin content, which may help you sleep.
  • Cranberries are extremely low in sugar, making them a great addition to smoothies and other snacks.
  • Strawberries have tons of polyphenols, antioxidants associated with weight loss, and they also contain high amounts of vitamin C.
  • Raspberries contain inflammation-reducing antioxidants, vitamin C, and plenty of fiber. Eat them on their own, or try making a red fruit cocktail for a sweet, fat-boosting snack.


Packed with antioxidants, blueberries reduce cortisol levels, which can, in turn, reduce belly fat. They can also reduce blood pressure, boost brain function and fight cancer-causing free radicals. Blueberries are great on their own. Try them as a frozen snack or add them to your favorite smoothie recipe.


Containing high levels of vitamin C, all citrus fruits are excellent snacking choices for weight control. Studies have found vitamin C can help to regulate blood sugar levels and limit fat absorption and storage. Just make sure to avoid grapefruit if you are taking medications with an interaction warning label.

Late night munchies need not destroy your diet. They might actually help. Give some of these fat-busting foods a try. You might even find your new favorite snack.

Here’s to your Healthy Pursuits!

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