Why You Want a Gemini in Your Life


Why You Want a Gemini in Your Life

(WellnessPursuits) – Geminis are known for keeping everyone on their toes. A Gemini might love chocolate today and then decide vanilla is the best flavor tomorrow, or he or she may change their college major from biology to English halfway through the degree. It’s difficult to predict what this zodiac sign might say or do in any situation — in fact, Geminis are sometimes just as surprised as others by their own actions.

This astrological sign is ruled by Mercury, which is why Geminis are lively and expressive. In Latin, Gemini means “the twins,” which is an accurate description of Gemini’s dual nature. People often describe them as “two people in one.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that Geminis are two-faced, though; it just means they have varied interests and flexible mindsets.

Learn how to get along well with the Geminis in your life, whether you’re romantically involved with one or tackling projects together at work, by keeping these three traits in mind:

1. Geminis Love to Talk

Geminis are chatterboxes, and they aren’t offended if you point it out. Geminis love to talk to anyone and everyone, from the cashier at the supermarket to a stranger on the subway. They’re friendly and outgoing, and they can have fun with nearly anybody. Sometimes this can be frustrating for signs that enjoy bouts of solitude, such as Pisces and Virgo, but Geminis are generally well-liked.

When it comes to dating, Geminis will give nearly any zodiac sign a chance, though they have the most favorable compatibility with Leos, Libras, Aries and Aquarius. Like Gemini, these star signs are social and expressive, so they won’t mind listening to Geminis regale their detail-packed adventures.

2. Geminis Are Adaptable

Brunch at your great-grandma’s mansion? Lunch at a vegan bistro? Dinner at a new Portuguese restaurant? Drinks at a dive bar? The twins are flexible enough to enjoy any of these plans. This makes the Gemini friend in your life great to take to both familiar places and on new adventures.

However, this flexibility sometimes leads to indecisiveness, so Gemini may need help making big decisions. Decisions are difficult for Geminis because they analyze and empathize with so many different points of view, so it’s hard for them to narrow down which one is best. After all, our greatest strengths can also be our biggest weaknesses, and very few things in life are truly set in stone. Gemini understands this completely.

3. Geminis Are Intelligent

Geminis are intelligent and creative, but they don’t delve too deep into most subjects. A Gemini can tell you a few interesting facts about global warming, gluten-free cuisine or aquatic life, then jump to a completely new topic before you have time to ask questions. You have to be quick-witted if you want to keep up with an energetic Gemini, and it helps if you have a sense of humor, too.

Gossip is this celestial sign’s downfall. Geminis like to learn as much as they can about the world, which includes the secret lives of their neighbors and friends. Many Geminis are able to keep your secrets safe, though, so don’t immediately panic if you do something gossip-worthy in front of them.

It’s okay if you can’t keep up with the fast pace of a Gemini. They may not mind — or even notice. Geminis hate being alone, yet they’ve been known to take a while to respond to calls and messages. It’s not intentional, though, and you can easily get your friendship or romantic relationship back on track with trivia-filled texts or emails about interesting news stories.

Geminis are quick to anger at times, but they have big hearts and rarely hold grudges. If you’ve got a Gemini in your life, expect them to stick around a while — as long as you don’t take their kindness for granted.

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