Why You Want an Aries in Your Life


Why You Want an Aries in Your Life

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Know anybody who initially seems intimidating, but actually has a huge heart beneath their fiery exteriors? You may be in the presence of Aries, the Ram.

1. Aries Get Things Done

Sure, Aries are bossy and impatient at times, but every sign has a mix of strengths and challenges. Plus, it’s worth noting that this Zodiac sign doesn’t intentionally behave this way. Aries are intelligent, and they finish tasks quickly at work, school and home. It’s difficult for an Aries to understand why everyone else can’t finish projects just as easily, so they often become frustrated while waiting.

An Aries can text their sister, plan meals for a week and rearrange their office space before starting a shared task, yet still finish their portion of work before everyone else. It’s just the Aries way.

2. Aries Are a Ticket to Adventure

Aries don’t like boring people or boring projects. When you bore an Aries, you may notice they find an excuse to leave quickly, but they won’t call you out on your dullness.

That’s because this star sign is blunt, but they don’t intentionally try to hurt others’ feelings. After all, it’s not your fault you can’t match the drive or enthusiasm of Aries, and the ram understands this.

Aries like action and excitement. If you need someone to join you on a mountain-climbing trek or skydiving adventure, contact an Aries buddy. Actually, you can invite an Aries just about anywhere. They are thrillseekers, but their enthusiasm also tends to span into less-dangerous areas of life, such as theatre or music.

3. Aries Value Their Independence

Have you ever had an Aries friend or lover back away when you text them constantly? That’s because Aries hates that. They value their personal space and freedom, even when they care about you deeply. Aries enjoy spending time with their loved ones, but they also enjoy doing their own thing. Make sure you give your Aries plenty of time to travel alone or explore their own hobbies — don’t be clingy.

Aries are known for being aggressive, but they aren’t intentionally cruel. They are social beings and get along well with nearly every sign on a platonic level, though romantic relationships generally find the most compatibility with outgoing signs, such as Gemini, Sagittarius and Leo.

When spending time with an Aries, try to keep up physically and mentally, and don’t take it personally if Aries grows a bit impatient with you. Not everyone can match astrological sign‘s energy, and that’s okay. Your Aries friend or lover is loyal enough to stand by your side anyway.

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