Why You Want a Virgo in Your Life


Why You Want a Virgo in Your Life

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Do you have a friend who makes life easier for everyone around them because they’re so organized and efficient? Odds are, you probably know a Virgo!

Virgos are so detail-oriented that they probably know exactly what you did at 7:07 p.m. last Tuesday when you were late for dinner. If you do have to cancel dinner with a Virgo, don’t fret; they don’t hold grudges — at least not for long. Just don’t make excuses. Virgos value honesty, since they’re known to be one of the most honest zodiac signs. If you really want to know if your new dress looks good on you, trust your Virgo friend to give you their honest opinion.

Scroll down for three common Virgo traits that may help you improve your friendships and other relationships with this dependable earth sign:

1. Virgos Notice the Little Things

Did you get a trim or add a hint of highlights to your ‘do? Virgo is likely to notice before anyone else. Virgos also notice all your little traits and your favorite things. Don’t be surprised if anniversary gifts or birthday celebrations involve sentimental gifts based on events or personality traits you never even realized Virgo noticed. They might even surprise you with something you told them years ago.

Virgos also notice minor personality changes, so don’t attempt to hide your feelings if you’re upset. Tell this Zodiac sign what’s wrong — after all, they’ve already figured out something is a bit off. There’s no point in lying now, especially because Virgos are truth seeks.

2. Virgos Are Organized

When you’re shopping for this astrological sign, there’s one gift that they’ll always appreciate: A planner. Sure, Virgo might already have a planner or two at home, but that’s okay. You can never have too many planners, calendars or budget charts, at least not if you’re a Virgo. They’re perfectionists, and it’s hard to achieve goals if you don’t know what’s planned in your life.

Virgos may not be natural-born leaders like Leos, but they work quietly behind the scenes to get things done. If you need help planning a class party or field trip, turn to Virgo for assistance. Virgo is also the right person to call if you’re struggling to balance your work and personal life or need help organizing your overflowing file folders.

3. Virgos Are Practical

Virgos are dreamers to an extent, but nowhere near the level of Pisces or Gemini. They are realists, and they don’t like to sugarcoat things. That’s why they pair well romantically with practical Capricorns, sensitive Cancers and reliable Tauruses.

You can count on a Virgo to give you helpful advice when something goes wrong in your life, but be prepared for Virgo to point out your role in the situation, too. Don’t let it hurt your feelings, though — Virgos are loyal to a fault. They don’t expect perfection from anyone but themselves.

Virgos stand by the people they care about, and they crave the same commitment in return. If you’ve got a special Virgo in your life, take time to notice the little things about them, and do your best to show that you’ll never leave their side.

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