Why You Must STOP Wearing Shoes in Your House

Why You Must STOP Wearing Shoes in Your House
Why You Must STOP Wearing Shoes in Your House

Why You Must STOP Wearing Shoes in Your House

(WellnessPursuits.com) – We live in a culture where it’s totally acceptable to go from spending time outside and then walking into our homes with our shoes still on our feet. Consider this… every surface, everything that you stepped on when you were outside is now going onto your hard floors and carpets.

The problem isn’t only that you’ll track dirt into your house… it’s the viruses and bacteria that you need to be concerned about. Our shoes carry it all and create an environment in our homes, teeming with whatever organisms we’ve encountered on the outside.

We’re walking on the same ground someone who just sneezed or coughed walked on. We wash our hands, but not our shoes. Our shoes spread all that they have on their soles onto our floors. We sit on our floors, we play on our floors, children and grandchildren spend more time on floors than they do in chairs.

Would you put your shoes on the kitchen counter? Would you roll around on the floor of a public bathroom and then sit on your furniture? Of course not, but that’s what our shoes bring into our homes.

Besides the everyday virus that winter colds bring, there are bacteria that are very resistant to antibiotics. I searched the Web to bring you the best information on the subject of what harm shoes in the house can bring. Here’s an excerpt: 

“A recent study out of the University of Houston found that 39 percent of shoe soles sampled were contaminated with the bacteria C. diff (Clostridium difficile), a public health threat that is now resistant to a number of antibiotics. C. diff infections can cause severe diarrhea that may progress to colon inflammation and more serious health issues, especially if it does not respond to antibiotic treatment.”

This information is important to consider. You can put a basket by the front door for your shoes or come up with some other creative holder for them. Keep slippers or shoes designated to inside wear only by the door. Have spray bottle of water by the door for those 4 paws that live in your home.

Besides keeping down the amount of virus and bacteria you track through your house, you’ll be keeping your floors cleaner longer, which will save you lots of time and money trying to keep ahead of all that stuff that gets tracked into your house by shoes.

Stay safe out there!

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