What is Box Breathing?


What if you could breathe in a way that could reduce stress and possibly even help you with health issues, such as COPD and other lung conditions? Box breathing can help just about anyone, and getting started is simple. Here’s how to use box breathing and the ways it can help you.

What Box Breathing Entails

To start box breathing, you’ll want to sit upright in a quiet place. Start by exhaling all the air from your lungs, emptying them completely. Begin to inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, filling your lungs up with air over a count of four. Concentrate on filling the lowest portion of your lungs, followed by the middle and upper portions of your lungs. Hold the breath for four counts again. Next, you’ll exhale, starting with the upper portion of your lungs, followed by the middle and lower portions of your lungs. You’ll exhale over a count of four and then repeat the process.

Ways to Make Box Breathing Easier

When you first begin box breathing, you may feel a little dizzy — that’s normal.  Fortunately, there are things you can do to make this exercise go more smoothly. Start your practice while sitting down and make sure you won’t need to get up quickly for any reason. Sometimes being in a dim setting can help you practice your breathing easier, since you’re able to focus more on what you’re doing. This is a form of mindful breathing that can put you into a meditative state.

How It’s Beneficial to Your Health

Box breathing offers several health benefits. It can bring relief to those with COPD and other lung disorders. It can help reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels. It’s also good for when you’ve been crying or experiencing a similar state of emotion. Studies have shown this method can reduce anxiety and depression, allowing individuals to feel calmer and more in control of their lives. Researchers have even found that using these types of techniques long-term can change the body’s future reactions to stress.

Box breathing is a simple technique you can do in any quiet place. By taking the time to practice inhaling and exhaling in this way, you can improve your overall general health in a few short minutes a day.

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