Want a Happy Life? – 3 Things To Avoid

Want a Happy Life? - 3 Things To Avoid
Want a Happy Life? - 3 Things To Avoid

Want a Happy Life? – 3 Astonishing Things To Avoid

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Wow. Sounds pretty negative. Actually this may be the most positive thing you read today. This may be just the thing you’ve been needing so you quit shooting yourself in the foot.

Hey, nobody does everything wrong all the time. You’re probably pretty happy and successful in a lot of areas. If you’re getting weary, though, of not gaining the success you want in some other areas that are important to you, read on…

I’m about to share with you some really hard won lessons that may just make a difference in your life. They have in mine.

Here’s a list of 3 things that you absolutely must stop doing if you want to be successful and happy.

1. Living in past regret.

Stuff happens to us all. Some we cause and some is caused by others. And that is the crux of this particular problem.

If we caused something bad to happen in the past, we might (mistakenly) think that living in guilt will somehow make amends. If something bad in our past was caused by something or someone else, we often go into blame or ‘the reason this bad thing happened’ mode.

Either way, it won’t change a darn thing. Stuff happened. You may remember what it was but unless you’re a time traveler you can’t change ANYTHING that has already happened.

Do this instead: You may always remember what happened, but stop RECALLING it. Recalling it causes you to re-live it. It charges you emotionally and zaps your attitude and energy. Find a figurative drawer in your mind and put the negative event of the past there. Put a lock on it. Those memories are still part of you but you will now stop hauling them out so you have the emotional energy to bring something new to your life.

2. Believing that being wrong means you failed.

This is one of the fastest way to derail success and happiness. Somehow, someway, during your life you bought into the belief that you had to be right to be a winner.

You believe that people will only respect you if you’re right. The truth is, people will respect you if you’re right some of the time and when you’re wrong, you accept it, acknowledge it, and change your thinking.

Do this instead: Look through your life and remember people for whom you have great respect. Consider honestly… were they right all the time? Did they admit their shortcomings? Did they own up to their mistakes? Did they accept when they were wrong and moved on?

If you truly are honest about this, you will see that people who admit it when they’re wrong or make mistakes are much more respected and gain much more success than the boorish know-it-all.

3. Hiding yourself to be more acceptable.

Tough one here. Most people want to be liked and accepted, but perhaps too often in your past, you’ve been shut-down or rejected because of your ideas. As a result, you’ve stifled your voice, your attitude, and your behavior and have diminished the real you.

Remaining silent, and hidden is a sure fired way to fail. How? If you aren’t being the person you really are, how can someone else know you and buy into what you’re wanting to accomplish?

Do this instead: Adopt THIS attitude…”There’s a lid for every pot.” Meaning…whoever you really are will appeal to some people but not to others and there are an abundant number of each.

When you reveal your true self to others, some will gravitate towards you and some will reject you. The price of staying around people who would reject you if they knew the real you is indescribably high. It’s basically selling your soul. Too dramatic? Not at all.

We are each born with a variety of talents that have been gifted to us through the miracle of being human. The way you express your innate gifts is the expression of your unique soul. Hide that expression and you diminish yourself, hide the real you and you basically sell your soul.

Be yourself and you will soon find that you will have people around you who are good for you. In this environment you will shine and grow and be successful and happy.

Conclusion: If you’re not getting the recognition, the relationships, the credit or the over-all abundance in life you’d like or think you deserve, consider the 3 things in this article that you may be doing that’s sabotaging your success.

These 3 are not the end of the story. They’re part of my story and hopefully will also contribute to yours. If you’ve found other things (beyond these 3) in your life that hold you back… causing failure instead of success, please share them in an email response.

To Your Success and a Happy Life!

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