This Can Cause Grey Hair

Turning Gray Can Also Mean This...
Turning Gray Can Also Mean This...

Gray hair… I thought only our genetics were to blame. Who would have thought that there were foods that also contribute to gray hair? I should have known. Our environment and what we eat and drink affects our health, so it makes sense that certain foods could also influence whether or not we develop gray hair.

The good news is that eliminating certain foods from our diet can slow down our hair turning gray. The bad news is that only the hairdresser can disguise it… there is no for sure way that we know of at this time to reverse it.

On the positive side, gray or white hair can look beautiful. If you embrace your appearance… your body, your hair, you’ll be comfortable with yourself and wear it proudly. That confidence makes all of us beautiful.

I have gray hair. It doesn’t suit the color of my complexion so I color it. No one knows (or it used to be that way, but now you do) because I have a pact with my hairstylist. I do, however, wish I had run across this information about 30 years ago. Just think of the money I would have saved!


All kidding aside, this is really good information… even if you already have gray hair, the very same foods that caused that gray hair are continuing to create some other harm in your body you may not be aware of.

Gray hair is clearly not an isolated effect of damage. 

The 6 worst culprits to avoid:

  1. Sugar
  2. TEST
  3. Excessive salt
  4. Artificial colors and sweeteners
  5. Soft drinks
  6. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  7. TEST
  8. Enriched, bleached white flour

Yikes, you say! That list wipes out most prepared, packaged foods. Yup it does. You’ve read enough to know from other articles on our website as well as from many varied sources that the 6 items on that list are simply just not good for you.

If you don’t want to, or can’t eliminate each one entirely, use this information to give you the motivation to cut down on the quantities of each that you consume. It won’t just be good for your hair, but for the overall health of your entire body as well.

Substitute fresh, real food whenever and wherever you can. Your body and your hair will thank you!

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