These 7 Super Herbs Turn Your Meals Into Super Food

These 7 Super Herbs Turn Your Meals Into Super Food
These 7 Super Herbs Turn Your Meals Into Super Food

( – Over the last couple of decades or so, there’s been a lot of talk about “superfoods” and their ability to do miraculous things for the body. Eating these foods can boost your energy, fight illness and even protect against things like cancer and heart disease.

Super Herbs are the new superfoods of 2023. They are your garden-variety, and not-so-garden-variety, herbs with nutrient-rich properties that can address almost anything that ails you.

7 Super Herbs for Optimal Health

1. Ginger – Fights Muscle Fatigue and Stomach Upset

Ginger’s superpowers are multi-faceted. First, the spice helps heal the body after working out. Just a couple of grams of ginger a day helps decrease muscle fatigue and soreness. Alternately, ginger decreases motion sickness and stomach upset as well.

2. Garlic and Rosemary – Decreases Cancer Risk

You probably already use these two spices regularly in your cooking, so that’s good. If you use them alongside cooked meats, that’s even better. This is because cooking meat creates cancer-causing compounds that these herbs decrease.

3. Turmeric – Anti-inflammatory – Fights Heart Disease

Packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric fights a bevy of ailments including arthritis and heart disease.

4. Spicy Peppers – Promotes Weight Loss

If it’s weight you seek to lose, add chili, cayenne or jalapeno peppers to your diet. Whether fresh or powdered, these spicy ingredients stimulate the body’s natural calorie-burning process for better weight loss.

5. Licorice Root – Immunity Booster

Licorice root has one of the strongest super powers of them all. It contains a substance called glycyrrhizin that boosts the body’s immune system. Glycyrrhizin is effective in fighting several different strains of the flu. Be warned, though. Licorice root may interfere with some medications, so talk to your doctor first before making it a regular part of your diet.

6. Astragalus – Immunity & Metabolism Booster

This not-so-common herb hails from China. It has a somewhat sweet subtle flavor, and it offers several benefits for the body. Astragalus is especially helpful in the winter because it makes the immune system stronger and gets your metabolism moving. It also helps alleviate any minor digestion problems you may have by encouraging waste elimination.

7. Schizandra Berry – Detox & Immune Protection

Another Chinese herb, the schizandra berry is a great addition to smoothies because it has antiviral and liver cleansing properties for great immune protection and detoxifying.

If you’re looking to increase your energy, boost your immune system or kick-start your metabolism, try adding these superherbs to your diet. Besides gaining health benefits galore, your taste buds will experience flavors unlike anything they’ve ever tasted before.

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