The Unexpected, Remarkable Benefits of Lavender

The Unexpected Remarkable Benefits of Lavender
The Unexpected Remarkable Benefits of Lavender

( – Essential oils are all the rage. From oils to diffuse, oils to ingest and oils to use topically, it seems like there’s an unending list of benefits that may have you wondering what really works, what doesn’t and what’s right for you.

One essential oil that’s especially popular is lavender. Used as a perfume and in medicines since ancient times, this beautiful purple herb – that happens to be in the evergreen family and is native to Northern Africa – is now widely used, especially in its oil form.

Benefits of Lavender Oil and How to Use it:

1. It has antiseptic properties.

That’s right, before you use an antibiotic lotion or cream on a minor burn, bug bite or small wound, you might consider using lavender oil. Along with serving as an antiseptic, it’s known for its anti-inflammatory effects, which makes it extremely versatile.

2. It has proven calming effects.

There’s a reason major beauty chains have been marketing lavender scented sprays, lotions and bath products for years…it works. If you need to take the edge off for a better night’s sleep, a bit of lavender oil, applied to pressure points on the wrist or neck, or diffused in the air, might be exactly what you need.

3. It can calm the stomach.

Who doesn’t suffer from occasional digestive discomfort? While over the counter remedies might seem like obvious options for relief, a more natural remedy is available. Rubbing lavender oil over the tummy, or simply smelling it might be enough to calm an upset stomach.

4. It can improve the appearance of skin

From dark spots to acne and eczema, lavender has been demonstrated to provide an improvement in the appearance of skin. Due to inherent antioxidant characteristics, it makes an excellent additive to both aloe vera and frankincense for healing skin irritations. Simply mix 10 drops of lavender to each ounce of either aloe vera or frankincense, and apply topically once a day before bed and after washing your face. After a few weeks, you may see an improvement!

5. It can fight dandruff

Those white flakes that you think you do a good job hiding could be gone forever simply by adding lavender oil to your routine. Mix 15 drops of lavender oil with 2 tablespoons of almond oil and apply topically to your scalp. Keep the mixture on for approximately an hour, then rinse. Repeat daily or every other day and you could see results after a week or so.

Remember, like any other substance, lavender oil might not be right for everyone. In fact, it can react negatively with certain drugs (especially barbiturates and benzodiazepines), so it’s always a good idea to consult a physician before using lavender oil.

Additionally, while lavender can be ingested, it’s important to do research whether the particular oil you’ve purchased is designed for ingestion or solely for external, topical use. It’s important to do research and to consult professionals prior to changing any aspect of your health regimen.

Ready to make a difference and improve your health? Pick up some lavender oil and get started today!

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