The 5 Best States to Grow Old In

The 5 Best States to Grow Old In

The 5 Best States to Grow Old In

( – Looking for a change of pace? Considering one last move and want to choose the place you’ll grow old? We did a little digging and found which states were the best to grow old in.

And The Winners Are…

Based on information from 24/7 Wall St. and from US News, these are the top five states where you might want to retire and grow old:

  1. Connecticut. The beautiful weather and access to some of the best primary care in the country make this an attractive prospect. It also has a high life expectancy with an average of 85.4 years. It can be a little pricey to live here, but, oh, those fall colors!
  2. New Hampshire. With temperate weather and gorgeous New England autumns, this is a beautiful place to retire. New Hampshire’s older residents are the healthiest in the US and live an average of 84.2 years. The state also has the smallest percentage of retirees living in poverty of any state.
  3. Hawaii. People here have the longest life expectancy in the US, averaging 86.5 years. Maybe it’s the weather or the beautiful tropical scenery. Perhaps it’s the access to fresh fish and fruits. Life in the Hawaiin islands is pretty laid back. The downside? Hawaii has the highest cost of living in the US and is the most isolated — you need a plane or a boat to leave any of the islands.
  4. Maryland. A mixture of the best of both North and South, maritime and mountains — Maryland is an enchanting place to live. The average life expectancy is 84.6 years old. This state ranks high in median retirement income and educational attainment. It has temperate weather and a decent cost of living.
  5. Colorado. Using multiple metrics to determine overall life satisfaction, Colorado ranked first. With majestic mountains, active winter sports venues, camping, whitewater rafting, and mountain biking in the temperate summers, it’s no wonder older adults here tend to be more active than almost anywhere else in the US. The state has a vibrant retirement social scene, as well as some of the most highly educated retirees in the country. The average life expectancy is 85 years old.

There are so many different ways to evaluate where you can consider retiring. What you’re looking for might differ from the metrics used by US News, and there are factors only you can take into account, depending on your situation and preferences. Wherever you decide to sink roots down as you grow older, may it be the perfect place for you to enjoy your golden years.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Pursuits!

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