7 Things He Really Wants – But Won’t Say


7 Things He Really Wants – But Won’t Say

(WellnessPursuits.com) – No matter how close you are to your significant other, there will always be unspoken expectations. Most of us have a decent understanding of what our partners want, but sometimes we fall short without realizing it.

Men aren’t always great about expressing themselves on an emotional level, and it’s not likely he’s going to tell you if you’re not meeting all of his needs. In some cases, he may not even realize the need that’s not being met.

Good news, ladies. The man in your life may not speak up about what he wants, but we can:

  1. Respect. It’s a two-way street. You expect it from him, and it’s only right he wants it from you. Respect is more than just being honest and courteous. It’s about having genuine regard for his feelings, limitations and needs. Make sure the things that are priority to him are important to you, too, because this is a team effort, not a one man show.
  2. Admiration. Every man wants to feel like a superhero to the woman in his life. Make sure yours knows how amazing he is. Make him feel special, because he’s special to you.
  3. Companionship. You’re together because you enjoy one another’s company. Don’t waste your time together staring at your cell phone or some similar distraction. He needs your full attention. Show him how much you enjoy being together by giving him some quality time.
  4. Independence. Conversely, men need their time apart. They need to have lives that extend beyond just the two of you, which may include outside friends or even alone time. Let your partner have whatever time he needs, and without having to answer to you about it. Be sure to get your own independent time, too, or you may start resenting his.
  5. Encouragement. Everyone needs to hear words of encouragement once in a while. He’s not going to tell you this, but he needs it from you more than anyone else. Make sure his endeavors have your open support.
  6. Appreciation. Men crave recognition, so let him know how much you appreciate all he does for you. He goes out of his way for you because he wants your attention, so give it to him. He’s worth it, right?
  7. To Be Desired. When was the last time you told your partner how much he turned you on? Men want to feel wanted just as much as women do. Don’t forget to let yours know how desirable he is— and don’t just let your body do the talking. Tell him. Show him. For the sake of his masculinity, leave no question.

Men are more emotional beings than they often let on. Don’t take his needs for granted. Tally the items above you may have been overlooking and then start filling in the gaps. He’ll be happier, and your relationship will be better for it. You’ll also find that putting more detailed effort into your partner is the best way to encourage him to put more detailed effort into you, resulting in a very fulfilling relationship for both of you.

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