Do This to Get Rid of Bruises Faster

Natural Home Remedies for Bruises
Natural Home Remedies for Bruises

This DIY Gets Rid of Bruises Faster

( – Bruises – they come in all shapes and sizes, and while they’re perfectly normal, they can be unsightly and painful. While there are no overnight cures for a bruise, there are some natural topical gels, creams and even food you can use to move the process along and help clear it up quickly.

What to Do Immediately Following the Injury:

Before adding anything topical, as soon as you get an injury that will most likely end up as a bruise, remember the acronym “RICE.” It stands for:

Rest – Give that body part a break. Healing puts extra strain on the body, and it will happen more quickly if healing is all it has to do.
Ice – Will help with pain and inflammation. If possible, alternate hot and cold compresses. Rubber water bottles full of hot water work great for this. However, to avoid putting further stress on the injury, do not shock it by going from cold right into a hot compress. Give the injury a break in between, at least an hour or so.
Compression – Wrap the injury up tightly to encourage the amassed blood to disperse. Just be careful of wrapping it too snuggly. If you get the pin prickles sensation, loosen it up a little bit.
Elevation – Gravity is your friend. Lie down or sit with the affected limb higher up than your heart if possible.

Once you get the initial inflammation down apply any of the following:

Topical Bruise Fighters:

Arnica Gel: Apply to the bruise regularly. Find it at any major drugstore. Another use for arnica gel is to relieve joint and muscle pain. Massage therapists swear by this product to ease the aching joints in their hands.

Aloe Vera: Found in drug stores and grocery stores as a cream or use directly from the living Aloe plant if you have one. Works similarly to Arnica.

Witch Hazel: Easy to find and has long been proven to ease inflammation in the bruised area.

A nice, gentle Massage is usually a great companion to any of these topical treatments.

Using Food to Lessen the Bruising:

The perfect solution may be right inside your kitchen. If you have parsley, you might try crushing it up and coating the bruise with that.  Alternatives to this include crushed grape seeds or onion.  

If you prefer to eat your food, try munching on some pineapple, leafy green vegetables, or papaya to get the blood flowing again. These all have anti-inflammatory properties, and so do blueberries, coconut oil, and chia seeds.

Interesting Old Fashioned Methods:

There are lots of old wives tales on how to get rid of bruises in a hurry. Some people swear by slathering themselves with toothpaste, and others by pressing nickels to the wound. Some use coffee grounds, whereas others line their compresses with raw potato slices. Some butter up their bruises, and others apply melted chocolate.

There are so many different theories on the best way to alleviate a bruise quickly. Untreated, they’ll usually clear up on their own within two weeks if it’s not made worse by excessive strain or additional injury. If that happens, or if the bruise doesn’t seem better after two weeks, a visit to the doctor might be in order.

Most likely one or more of these home remedies will send that bruise packing. So take it easy, and try some of these tips!

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