How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain
How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

We’re moving headlong into winter with all the stresses and challenges cold weather brings. It’s naturally tempting to find comfort in warm, filling food. So, how am I going to keep my (slightly) lower summer weight and still enjoy those hearty, holiday meals that are just over the horizon?

One thing I need to keep in mind is to move more and eat less. With all the holiday activities ahead, I’m going to be plenty busy, so moving more will be a natural outcome. I want to enjoy all the holiday food, but I know that I’ll have to show some restraint (and not eat the entire pie).

Just as importantly and perhaps more so, I want to make sure I keep a good nutritional balance, so my immune system will be strong to ward off those pesky winter colds.

I take various food supplements to make sure I have a good nutritional balance, but I know food supplements can do more than that. They can also boost energy, rev up metabolism, balance hormones, and burn calories more efficiently.

For this coming winter, I’ve added 4 often overlooked nutrients to my current broad nutritional program. I believe these 4 will make a huge difference to my current weight maintenance/weight loss regime.

1. Probiotics for digestion and weight loss through better elimination. Look for a Probiotic that has at least 20 billion live organisms, can survive in stomach acid, has multiple strains of bacteria, and either requires refrigeration after opening or is especially formulated to maintain live cultures without refrigeration.

2. Vitamin D for immune strength, and muscle support. Choose a D3 Vitamin D for the one that has the best bio-availability.

3. Magnesium to reduce fluid retention, support sound sleep and regulating blood sugar levels. The best form of Magnesium to take are citrate, taurate, malate, or glycinate. Avoid Magnesium oxide, chloride, glutamate and aspartate.

4. Chromium is especially important because it reduces cravings, (that pesky sweet tooth), mood swings, and weight gain linked to fluctuating blood sugar levels. When you shop for Chromium look for one that says GTF Chromium for the best absorption.

So let’s get our blood pumping and keep our bodies lean and mean and ready for the cold winter months. These 4 supplements are going to help us get there.