Cell Phone – Brain Tumor Connection

Cell Phone Brain Tumor Connections
Cell Phone Brain Tumor Connections

Cell Phone – Brain Tumor Connection

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Warnings about phone-related brain tumors were originally dismissed as conspiracy theories, but it turns out these claims aren’t entirely false. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services downplays some of the research indicating a connection between frequent cell phone use and brain tumors, but the American Cancer Society states that cell phone signals may indeed affect your health.

What Is It About Cell Phones That May Cause Cancer?

Cell phones are a source of radiofrequency radiation, commonly referred to as radio waves. Radio waves also come from tablets, computers and microwaves. These waves do not necessarily increase the risk of cancer for everyone, but even so, frequent exposure may trigger other health concerns, including cataracts or male fertility issues.

Non-ionizing radiation, such as radiofrequency radiation, is a low-frequency form of electromagnetic radiation. Ionizing radiation is more likely than radio waves to cause cancer, but nonionizing radiation still transmits heat to your body, sometimes even enough to cause a burn. Cell phone radiation is strongest near the phone’s antenna, which is why frequent use can potentially harm your brain.

How Can You Decrease the Risk of Cell Phone Radiation?

Because so much conflicting information exists about cell phone use and brain tumors, you may worry that texts and FaceTime calls are destroying your health. Before you cancel your phone plan, try these tips:

  • Place calls on speakerphone to distance yourself from your phone’s radio waves.
  • Use earbuds or a headset instead of holding your phone up to your head.
  • Store electronic devices away from your body, rather than in a pocket or wallet.
  • Never put them in your bra or shorts.
  • Avoid sleeping with your phone in – or beside – your bed.
  • Share information in person or via written memos when possible to reduce phone use.

One additional point to note is that mobile output power levels are typically higher in rural areas than crowded cities.

It’s unrealistic to expect most adults to give up their digital devices, especially since the average person touches their cell phone more than 2,600 times per day. All that clicking and swiping may increase your odds of developing a brain tumor, but studies are conflicted. Take steps to use your cell phone safely if you are unable — or unwilling — to reduce the amount of time you spend texting, chatting on the phone or surfing the Web.

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