Lazy Ways To Burn Fat Calories


( – We’ve all been there. We really want to find time to exercise, but it’s just not always in the cards. As a matter of fact, getting around to it is often a lot harder than we’d like to admit. The good news is there are some calorie-burning cheats you can use anytime to keep those calories in check.

Take a Hot Bath

Researchers at the Loughborough University looked at the potential calorie-burning effects of soaking in a 104˚F bath for one hour. Your end-of-day soak is enough to raise your core body temperature, resulting in a 140 calorie burn. That means your relaxing bath burns as many calories as a half-hour walk, with the same anti-inflammatory benefits as well!

Have a Cuppa

Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis, which is when your body creates heat from the calories you consume. It’s also known for being an appetite suppressant. The combination of the two may help you control your weight. Be careful, though. If you choose a favorite specialty coffee drink that is actually loaded with sugar, you’ll be adding effort-derailing calories to the calorie burning benefits of caffeine.

Use a Stability Ball

A 2008 study conducted at the University of Buffalo showed people who replaced their desk chairs with stability balls burned six percent more calories during their workday. Stability balls require you to engage your core muscles, working your abs while you sit. The only drawback is, they don’t offer any support, so if you aren’t conscious of your posture you may inadvertently put strain on your neck and upper back.

Cool Off

Some studies have shown lowering your thermostat a few degrees could help you lose weight. When you’re cold, your body has to burn more calories in order to produce more body heat. Even better, living in a colder climate may change the way your body stores and uses fat.

Eat Spicy Foods

Capsaicin, that lovely component to hot peppers that causes your mouth to burn and your nose to run, also raises body temperature and boosts metabolism. As a matter of fact, eating foods that include capsaicin and similar spices can boost your metabolism by up to eight percent.

There you have it! Lazy ways to burn lots of calories. These hacks won’t have you shedding the pounds like you’ve been hitting the gym five times a week, but they may shave off enough for you to enjoy that specialty coffeehouse drink every once in a while with lots less guilt. Try them for yourself and see what they can do for you.

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