Women Who Do These 3 Things Drive Men Nuts

Women Who Do These 3 Things Drive Men Nuts
Women Who Do These 3 Things Drive Men Nuts

Women Who Do These 3 Things Drive Men Nuts

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Nobody’s perfect — male or female — and nobody expects you to be the perfect companion. Still, most of us can only take so much before we’re ready to hit the road.

It’s easy to slip into certain behaviors once we get comfortable with a person, but far too often they lead to problems that go unaddressed until it’s too late. When it prompts an unexpected breakup, it often leaves one partner feeling blindsided — but that doesn’t have to happen to you.

1. You’ve Let Your Interaction Grow Stale

When you begin a new relationship, the world becomes exciting in stimulating new ways. You share and learn about each other, and you challenge one another in ways only good partners can. You grow as individuals, and you grow as a couple. That can change once the relationship is no longer new.

Ask yourselves these questions:

  • Do we still offer each other adventure and discovery?
  • Do we try fun new things, or have we fallen into a rut?
  • Do we push one another intellectually and emotionally? How do we define our partnership?

If you’ve become more comfortable than exciting, consider what you might do to rediscover your adventurous side.

2. You Won’t Let Things Go

People have different capacities for conflict. Many relationships go south because the arguments grow to become too much. While one of you might feel like you have issues in need of continued debate, it’s very possible the other feels as though you’re beating a dead horse. Consider the issue and ask yourselves if it’s really that important, or if it’s just something the two of you might never be able to agree on. If it’s something you can let go, but won’t, it will eventually damage your bond.

3. You’ve Let Yourself Go

It’s easy to let little things slip when you become comfortable with someone. Maybe your letting yourselves stay frumpy around each other more often than not, or you ignore warnings from the scale that it’s time to lay off the potato chips for a while. The same goes for unhealthy behaviors you might think you’ve been able to slide — not taking care of yourself, nursing an addiction or not maintaining your mental health. However you’ve let yourself go — either one of you — it’s important you not take for granted the idea that your partner’s love for you will override all. Eventually, it might not.

If your relationship has a solid foundation, you can keep it moving in the right direction by making sure you don’t fall into bad habits. Good relationships may go bad, but some breakups can be prevented even before they start. Stay engaging, know when to let an argument go, and don’t try to get away with anything you wouldn’t tolerate in your partner. You’ll both be more likely to stick around for the long haul.

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