What Makes Some People So Likable?

What Makes Some People So Charming...
What Makes Some People So Charming...

What Makes Some People So Likable?

(WellnessPursuits.com) – We strive to continue to look and feel healthy as we get older… and perhaps this sounds strange, but hopefully we also become more conscious of the effect we have on others.

Although humans are social beings by nature, since the pandemic, we have found ourselves spending most of our day in a more solitary world where the internet has become our best friend. It’s easy to forget how important positive, personal interactions are for every aspect of our lives, including our health.

Now that our world seems to being heading toward “normal,” when we see people face to face, we affect them and they affect us. How we feel after seeing them reminds us that either we like to be around them or it just zaps our energy to spend much time with them.

I’ve gelled¬†it down to a list of 8 traits of people who affect us positively and whom we seek to be around. These traits are not ones we’re born with, they’re habits that can be learned by anybody who wants to improve their relationships and their very health.

8 Habits of Charming People:

1. They Greet You by Name

2. They Are Trustworthy and Honest

3. They Are Interested in You

4. They Give You Their Full Attention (their phones are off)

5. They Smile A Lot

6. They Know When To Offer a Touch or a Hug

7. They Balance Intensity and Lighthearted Fun

8. They Have Welcoming Body Language

Interacting well, being interested in listening to others, being positive and supportive, having a broad sense of humor, and quite simply enjoying the uniqueness of other people is good for them and also very good for us.

Positive energy from ourselves and from others lowers stress and heightens positive thoughts and subsequent actions. Yes, many positive healthful effects… we can all use more of that!

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