7 Hacks to Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker

7 Hacks to Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Hey, just because most of us are stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t look good. The way we feel about the way we look can have a big impact on our attitude – and, we pretty much know that a good attitude has a positive effect on our immune system.

Sure, hair thinning is a natural part of the aging process. There are also medical conditions, certain medicines, and hormonal reasons why our hair may be getting thinner. You’re not alone — early everyone — even those with super thick, coarse hair — experiences some hair loss with age. Why? Hair diameter and density changes as you get older.

Added to that, hair growth slows, which means you’re not able to replace shed hairs as quickly as you did when you were younger. All of this contributes to hair thinning. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to just learn to live with hair that looks thin and lifeless. Here are 7 hacks to make thinning hair look thicker.

1. Use a Blow Dryer

When you let your hair air dry, it will appear thin, flat and lifeless. You can pump things up with a quick blow-dry that adds volume and movement. The key is to use a root-boosting product at the base of your hair and dry your hair straight out from the scalp. Dry the rest of your hair using your fingers or a brush to direct your hair, but be careful not to place any tension on the roots. You don’t want to make your hair flat again!

2. Color Your Hair

Hair color plumps each and every one of your strands, making them thicker. How so? Hair color chemically lifts the hair cuticle, allowing color pigment to enter the hair shaft. After a chemical process, the cuticle never lays flat again. This can add a lot of thickness. Additionally, color techniques can make your hair appear thicker by adding depth, dimension and movement.

3. Add Curl and Texture

Curl and texture spread your hair out, making it appear thicker. The S pattern of waves and curl pushes out on surrounding hair strands, and those strands push out on even more hair strands. All of this makes your hair more voluminous and gives it more movement. It also reflects more light. And all of this will make your thin hair look thicker.

4. Get the Right Cut

Ever wonder why a lot of older women tend to keep shorter hairstyles? As your hair gets longer, it gets thinner. This is due to the natural shedding and replenishing process that slows down as you get older. In most cases, going shorter will make your hair look insanely thicker.

Which short hairstyles work best? Short or medium-length haircuts that have very few layers work best, such as the bob and lightly layered long bob. Textured bangs are also a great way to hide a thinning hairline.

5. Change Your Part

Your hair has a natural part; it’s the way your hair wants to lay. And your hair usually stays flat when you go with it. However, you can make your hair appear thicker by going against your natural part. If your hair likes to part on the left side, part it on the right side to naturally lift your roots and create more volume.

6. Use Thickening Products

Texturizers, thickening sprays and plumping styling products are all thickening products that can make hair fuller. These products work by adhering to hair strands and making them thicker. They can have a tendency to make your hair feel heavier, so you should use only a little at first. Add more if you need to.

7. Do a Little Backcombing

If your tresses still need a little help, you can do some backcombing at the root of your hair. This is a soft teasing technique that creates a cushion of hair at the base. This cushion pushes out on the other hair, making it appear thicker and fuller. To backcomb, lift small sections of your hair and comb backward at the base of your hair, toward your scalp, until a cushion forms.

You don’t have to live with thinning hair. A new hairdo, a few products or a few styling tricks may be all that’s needed to make those tresses look fuller. The best part? The results are instantaneous. No waiting for an expensive hair-loss treatment to work. No waiting for your hair to grow in. Your hair can look thicker right now!

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