Skin Care Products That Can Make You Sick

7 Common Skin-Care Ingredients That Make You Sick
7 Common Skin-Care Ingredients That Make You Sick

Skin Care Products That Can Make You Sick

( – You and I buy skin care products because we want noticeable results. Noticeably GOOD results. That’s right… when we try new products, the worst thing that can happen is not that they won’t work. Oh no. The worst thing that can happen is that your skin looks worse than it did before you spent all that money.

How can that happen? Sadly, very easily. Our skin is really quite sensitive to chemicals, and unfortunately there are lots of chemicals in most skin care products that can irritate, and might even cause quite a bit of damage.

Most of us have become cautious food ingredient readers, so it’s not that big of a jump to read labels on our skin care products. It doesn’t matter whether you go for the more expensive high-end brands or for discounted, more affordable brands…skin care products are expensive, and any of them can contain chemical ingredients that may cause negative skin or scalp reactions.

According to information from leading dermatologic surgeon Dendy Engelman, M.D., not everyone is allergic to the 7 potentially irritating ingredients on the following list, but if you are one of those whose skin shows a negative reaction, don’t just tough it out… STOP using the product immediately.

Next time you’re in the market for a new skin care product, read the label and especially look for:

1. Fragrance (If they have a sample you can smell, do so and let your nose give a thumbs up or down)
2. Preservatives (If you know you have sensitive skin, choose those brands who tout that they’re ‘natural)
3. Aluminum (If you know you break out from most anti-perspirants, stay away from aluminum)
4. Glycolic Acid (many people can tolerate this, but if your skin is sensitive, try products with Lactic Acid instead)
5. Salicylic Acid (If you’re allergic to aspirin, any product containing this will probably irritate you.)
6.Retinol (Retinol has been a game changer as a great anti-aging addition to skin-care products, but it also can be very irritating. If it affects you negatively, give up. You won’t get used to it over time.)
7. Sulfates (Usually found in cleansers and shampoos are a common irritant.)

Let’s make a pact this year that we will read labels on all of the products we put on or in our bodies. Just because it’s from a well advertised, widely recognized brand doesn’t mean it contains ingredients that are good for us and our skin.

If you feel dry or itchy skin, see redness or a rash, swelling or if your skin breaks out after using a product, stop using it immediately. Be observant and gentle with your lovely self and your skin… be aware and listen to what your skin and scalp are telling you.

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