5 Things That Make Men More Attractive to Women


5 Things That Make Men More Attractive to Women

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Believe it or not, attractiveness isn’t as much about your physical attributes as it is your demeanor and the way you present yourself. You may find simply adjusting your approach is enough to make you more interesting to the ladies you’re interacting with.

Ready, guys? This one’s for you. Here’s what women are looking for.

  1. Authenticity. This is the real world, where nice guys do indeed finish first, not last. Women are attracted to men who are honest. They’re generous –  they help others, they are respectful,  and they behave in a generally confident, yet welcoming manner.
  2. Conversation skills. In other words, please leave your ridiculously corny pick-up lines at home. Flippant, crude and overused phrases can actually slash your trustworthiness quotient. Be real. Did you see a woman on the other side of the room and decided you wanted to meet her? Introduce yourself and tell her just that.
  3. Appropriate hygiene. Kind of a no brainer. It is may seem “manly” to some, to be sweaty with unbrushed teeth and greasy hair, but only in the right environment – the gym and participating in sweat provoking sporting events. It is neither manly nor attractive to show up that way on a date.
  4. Respectful manners. It’s always appreciated by women when men are courteous. Opening doors, pulling out chairs, reaching for heavy bags of groceries or anything, etc. Yes, we can do those things ourselves, but manners do matter unless it’s really a caveman you seek.
  5. Guy bonding. They don’t actually realize it consciously, but the University of California at San Diego claims women think men are more attractive when they see them as part of a group. Apparently there really is something to having a “wingman” when out in public.

It might not seem like much, but even a few subtle changes to your approach can make a huge difference in how receptive women are to your advances.

Put your best foot forward, but also be yourself with the women you meet. You will naturally find that common ground you’ve both been searching for.

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