5 Clues You Have An Old Soul

5 Signs You Have a Reincarnated Soul

5 Clues You Have An Old Soul

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Do you ever feel as if maybe you’ve lived years before in a past life? Even though your personal beliefs may immediately contradict the idea of reincarnation, some experts believe that certain personality traits may signal you have a reincarnated soul. Are you familiar with any of these?

1. You Have a Very Strong Intuition

Have you ever met someone and something about them just doesn’t sit right — only to find out later, you were right? Having an inner voice, or intuition, is good, and most of us rely on our intuition from time to time. When something doesn’t sit right, we know it. This is one subtle sign you have already learned lessons in your life but a past one. Always trust your gut!

2. You Relate to Older Times

Ever heard the term “old soul”? Have you been told that you’re wise beyond your years and often find it difficult to fit in with people from your generation? Maybe you feel like you’re more grounded to another generation in time. If you relate more to people from medieval times or even the 1800s, this could be because you’ve already lived a life in that era. Embrace it. Be different. Never change who you are.

3. A Sense of Déjà Vu

Do you have memories you simply can’t explain? This sense of feeling like you’ve experienced something before is called déjà vu. While many people experience it from time to time, it might be attributed to being reincarnated into your present life. Important experiences from a past life could be resurfacing. Keep a journal and jot down your dreams and thoughts. There might be a connection.

4. You Have Unexplained Fears

Do you have an overwhelming fear of something like closed spaces or snakes? It could be something that you experienced in a past life. Maybe you were trapped in a snake pit or attacked by a large poisonous snake. You may not know the real answer to this in this lifetime. But recognizing it as a possibility may help you deal with your fear head-on.

5. You’re an Introvert at Heart

Do you love your alone time? Being an introvert is a personality trait that may help a person thrive and succeed in doing things independently. If you feel this is you, it may be a sign of reincarnation. Embrace who you are, but always take the time to interact and share your life with others.

Are you a reincarnated soul? There is a good possibility, especially if you believe in past life experiences. Keeping an open mind might help us discover who we really are. Jotting down your feelings, memories and observations may help you make more sense of the past and form a roadmap to guide you forward to the future.

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