4 Personality Traits That May Predict the Length of Your Lifespan


4 Personality Traits That May Predict the Length of Your Lifespan

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Do you ever wonder just how long you might live? No one knows for sure when the day will come that we make our final transition out of this world. Have you ever wondered if your personality could affect how long you’ll live?

We did some digging and found that although eating well, exercising and reducing stress are key factors in longevity, personality traits may also affect the length of a person’s lifespan. Fascinating!

Longevity Personality Traits

  1. You’re Very Conscientious

Are you always striving to do your best at work and in your personal life? Being conscientious about everything in your life, right down to how you look, may positively affect your lifespan. This is because you want things to turn out well.

If you’re conscientious, you tend to take fewer risks and are generally more thorough. This can affect your health in several ways. You’re less likely to drive under the influence or skip your medications, for example.

You also probably stay away from high-fat and sugary foods, so you can prevent certain diseases like diabetes and heart disease. You nurture every relationship and you’re admired by your peers.

  1. Others Say You’re Emotionally Stable

Have you been told that you handle tough situations with ease? You’re the type of person who won’t lash out at others during times of distress. You also handle personal tragedies and sticky situations in private without blaming others or dragging them into it.

Being emotionally stable means you don’t freak out and raise your blood pressure needlessly. Stress is a silent killer and can take years off of your lifespan. Learning how to deal with life’s challenges in a positive, healthy way can help you manage stressors that unexpectedly pop up and hopefully add years to your life, as well.

  1. You’re an Extrovert

Are you just a friendly and agreeable person? With extroversion, you can strike up conversations with strangers and people seem to be drawn to you when you enter the room. Having that magnetism with others and bringing a sense of happiness to their lives makes you a good person. Just like smiling, it’s contagious. Once you smile and make someone feel better, you, too, feel good.

Having a large social network may even help you live a longer life for several reasons. Having a large social network gives us emotional support. It also gives our lives a purpose. Research has even found that volunteering can help reduce inflammation, which is linked to both chronic diseases and mortality.

  1. You Exhibit Open-Mindedness

Being open-minded about situations and not casting judgement is a wonderful character trait to possess. If you are accepting of other people, situations and life challenges, you are less likely to argue and cause distress. Stressing out over minor things because you stand forcefully behind your opinion can make you seem challenging and closed off. Living fluidly and with ease can increase your lifespan because you choose happiness over anger and disagreement.

Your personality may very well predict how long you’ll live. If you have a laid-back aura about yourself, it can truly make life so much easier. Having a large support network, being more open minded, not stressing and playing it safe regarding your health makes it easier for you to live your best life.

~Here’s to Your Healthy Pursuits!

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