Why You Want a Leo in Your Life


Why You Want a Leo in Your Life

(WellnessPursuits.com) – It’s hard to resist the charm of a Leo. Leos have magnetic personalities — and yes, they totally know it. They’re used to getting compliments for their looks and intelligence, and if we’re being honest here, their praise is generally well-deserved.

That doesn’t mean Leos are flawless, of course — all signs have their weaknesses. But Leos have numerous strengths, and they appreciate when you acknowledge them. Make the most of your relationship with this charismatic astrological sign by reading more about the following traits:

1. Leos Love Attention

Go ahead and post that sappy anniversary story or that birthday shout-out on Facebook. Leos don’t shy away from attention or praise, and they’ll feel flattered by your words of adoration. Unfortunately, this star sign also loves attention from everyone else, which can make some signs, such as Taurus and Scorpio, feel insecure when they’re with Leo.

Sending your Leo significant other flowers at work or asking the restaurant’s wait staff to sing “Happy Birthday” will usually make their day. They usually do best in romantic relationships with fellow fire signs, Aries and Sagitarrius, who share their need for freedom and adventure. They also fare well romantically with air signs like Gemini and Libra, who are happy to let them do their own thing.

Friendships are a whole other ballpark, though. Leo gets along well with nearly every Zodiac sign, though sometimes Aries hates sharing the spotlight.

2. Leos are Natural Leaders

Need a host for your son’s birthday party or someone to help manage a committee at work? Ask a Leo — they live for opportunities like this. Leos are natural leaders who truly enjoy being in charge. They don’t shy away from positions or projects that require a leadership role, and you can count on Leos to get things done.

Sometimes Leos may seem a bit bossy, but it’s only because they’re used to running things. No need to point out their bouts of bossiness, though — just jump into the conversation or project and share your own opinions. Leos have soft hearts deep down, so sometimes their feelings are easily hurt.

3. Leos Are Generous

If you’ve ever had a Leo lover, you know this zodiac sign is surprisingly generous. Expect to be showered with attention during special occasions, even if you haven’t been dating long. Leos like to be loved, but they also like to show love. After all, it’s important to take good care of the people who treat them well.

Despite being dubbed “the lion,” Leos genuinely care about their loved ones. If you’re having a rough day, share your thoughts with a Leo pal. They’ll offer you emotional support and get mad or sad right along with you as you share what happened.

Leos may come on strong, but they’re huge softies once you get to know them. Treat your Leo friends and partners well, and you’ll get plenty of attention and affection in return.

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