3 Style Errors That Can Age Your Appearance

10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Wild
10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Wild

3 Style Errors That Can Age Your Appearance

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Believe it or not, we have a lot of control over how old we look. What we eat, whether we exercise or smoke, and even how we dress can have a huge impact on our appearances.

The reality is that while you might feel most comfortable wearing the same clothes that have worked for you over the last several years, some of those styles could be doing your image a disservice and be making you look older.

Pleated Pants

Going for a look that tells the world you survived the ’80s? Pleated pants are a great start. Add in some shoulder pads and give those pants some stirrups at the heels, and all you’ll be missing is the Aqua Net. The style itself is dated, but if you have any kind of paunch in your tummy area, pleated pants are going to accentuate it in the worst ways.

Need some extra comfort in the waistline? Try jeans made with denim woven with a small amount of elastic fiber. These stretch-jeans hybrids are both slimming and stylish, and they won’t age you the way pleated pants will. Just make sure the elastic content is no more than two percent, or the pants won’t have the support you need.

Nude Pantyhose

Despite being deemed out of style as far back as the ’90s, some people continue to wear nude pantyhose. If you’re one of those people, you might consider rethinking that wardrobe choice. According to Cosmopolitan’s style editor, pantyhose are still out. While some millennials have embraced the retro look, it’s still likely to make you appear dated if you’re any older. If you’re timid about your legs, try upgrading your look with colored tights or leggings instead.

Tee Shirts

Not much says “frumpy” quite like an old, comfy tee shirt. Your choice in dress can impact how others perceive you. Choosing tee shirts can make you appear less polished, which can give the impression that you’re too tired to put in the effort of dressing nicer. On, and forget those old concert tees, too — they might advertise your cool taste in music, but they also have the actual concert dates on them.

Just as importantly, studies have shown how you dress can affect your attitude, even the way you perceive yourself. Simply put, if you dress frumpy, you may be more likely to feel frumpy. That’s not a sensation you want to hold onto every day.

While it can be easy to stick with old habits, especially when they’re comfortable and familiar, staying open to healthy change is important to keeping your youthful edge. Trends come in cycles, and some never really go out of style, but some will date you. Be mindful of styles best left to the past. Dress to flatter who you are today, and you’ll keep yourself looking your best for years to come.

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