Why You Want a Sagittarius in Your Life


Why You Want a Sagittarius in Your Life

(WellnessPursuits.com) – Energetic and enthusiastic, Sagittarius is generally a blast when it comes to date night or shopping with the girls. This optimistic fire sign is often in search of their next adventure, whether that means trying out the newest roller coaster or taking an exotic cooking class.

If you want to keep this zodiac sign in your life happy, there isn’t much you need to do for this low-maintenance sign. However, it’s still helpful to run through the common Sagittarius traits below so you can understand how to make your friendship, romantic relationship or business partnership more enjoyable.

1. Sagittarians Are Independent

Sagittarius generally isn’t a clingy sign. In fact, it’s not uncommon to go a day or two without hearing from a Sag lover, even if the relationship or friendship is going well. They need time to recoup and regroup from life’s demands, even if you don’t play a role in their stress.

Sagittarians are very independent signs. They tend to march to the sound of their own drums. They aren’t likely to cave to peer pressure, since they’re often the leaders of their tribes. This sign hates answering to others, including bosses, so many of them tend to be entrepreneurs.

Emotional signs, such as Pisces and Cancer, may struggle with Sag’s independence. Sagittarius finds the best compatibility with Libra, Leo, Aries and Aquarius because they don’t question this fire sign’s eclectic personality or get offended by its need for solo time.

2. Traveling Makes Sagittarius Happy

Few things in life bring this celestial sign as much joy as exploring unfamiliar territory and they love to do it on a whim, so go ahead and book a surprise trip or randomly announce that you’re ready for a road trip. Just make sure you’re actually ready to head out the door right away, as Sagittarius isn’t one to delay an adventure.

Not surprisingly, many Sags end up in the military or jobs that require frequent travel. They love new scenery and meeting new people, so even if they choose a job in their hometown, they may move to new houses or apartments often. You should definitely double-check with Sagittarius before you send a package or holiday card in the mail in case they’ve relocated since your last delivery.

3. Sagittarians Value Intelligence

Like Taurus, Sagittarius can be a bit odd — and they’re okay with you saying that. This intelligent sign assesses information from every direction before coming up with unique solutions, and it’s hard to fool them. Sometimes they know what you’re planning before you even do.

You can impress this star sign by showing that you’re a deep thinker. Sags often spiral deep into the abyss of their thoughts, exploring every possibility as they search for answers from both a philosophical and logical standpoint. They’re known for being fun and easy to talk to, but they ultimately prefer intellectually-stimulating conversations over small talk.

Don’t be surprised if a Sagittarius asks your thoughts on afterlife on a first date or kicks your butt on trivia night.

If you’ve been blessed with a Sag in your life, take good care of them — and you can expect the same in return. Despite their affinity for solo time, Sagittarius cares deeply for friends, family and significant others and genuinely values the roles they play.

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