Lose Weight Without Food Choice Frustration

Get Slimmer With These 10 Foods In Your Fridge
Get Slimmer With These 10 Foods In Your Fridge

What causes weight loss or weight gain? Let’s cut through all the mystery. What we’re talking about is food choices…don’t turn off here…I promise it will get interesting.

We’ve been bombarded with nutritional experts saying that Carbs, Fats and certain animal Proteins are either on or suddenly off the No No list. Depending on what types of foods you enjoy eating the most, you either rejoice or despair.

Well, I for one got tired of feeling bad about my food choices. I got tired of learning that certain foods that I loved were now vilified. I got tired of going from meal to meal either filled with guilt or feeling like I passed a test.

Neither of those emotions evoked joy or satisfaction. Food used to be a great source of pleasure and then I started studying it.

That would have been fine if there was a body of information that I could read about, learn about and rely on. Oh no. All I got was information that was conflicting and troubling.

I finally decided to hunt through the Web and not stop until I found something about food intake that I could actually live with. That’s why I’m posting this…I found what I was looking for. It’s a wonderful, thorough, well written article that I’ve linked for you below.

The bottom line is easy, practical stuff…1. Don’t eat till you’re stuffed, and 2. Don’t eat or drink anything that has added sugar. Sugar — the white stuff, the brown stuff, syrups, etc.

You may be sad about needing to lose the added sugar, but unless you have specific food allergies, you still get to keep all proteins, any fats but trans fats, and carbs (both from starch, fiber and complex sugars within fruits and veggies). I can live with this, can you?

But, don’t settle for what I’m saying here…read the article for yourself. I used to think I was very savvy about diet and nutrition, but actually, I was educated yet partially confused. After reading the article below, I have to tell you I learned a few things I didn’t know and it really straightened out the confusion.

The article: Fix Your Diet: Understanding Proteins, Carbs, and Fats is worth reading in its entirety, and hopefully your frustration level about losing weight through food choices will drop considerably like it did for me…