How to Bridge the Gap Between Dreams & Habits

Emotionally Strong People Don't Do THIS...
Emotionally Strong People Don't Do THIS...

Understanding how to bridge the gap between your dreams and your habits starts with one fundamental truth. Your habits are a real-world manifestation of who you believe that you are. To shift that belief, and subsequently your habits, you need to understand that your identity is malleable.

Despite how it may feel, you’re not going to split in half at the mere possibility that you are wrong about who you are. In fact, understanding who you are is potentially the most powerful key you hold to the door standing between you, and your dreams.

Changing Your Mindset on Goal Making

When it comes to making your dreams a reality, create goals that let go of things to do, and embrace things to become. Once you start focusing on who you are, habits come naturally and no longer have to tiny checkmarks on a to-do list you hate trying to finish.

The lack mindset is the red-handed thief of tools like creation and feelings like joy. Focus on what you are and what you have, instead of what you don’t have and what you’re not and success will follow.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

The most counterproductive thing you can possibly do on the journey to turning your dreams into reality, is to believe that it’s not possible. Small declarations of your shortcomings, even when they’re “jokes” are sending a message to your soul that you believe them.  These tips will help you get out of your own way:

  • Bite Your Tongue: When you’re talking about yourself (or to yourself), don’t allow room for negative declarations. When you say, “I never finish anything”, you’re telling your brain that you can’t finish things. An example of an adjustment would be saying something like “I’m working on finishing things every time I start them.”
  • Prove Yourself Right: Track and pay attention to the small accomplishments you make. Don’t dismiss that you showed up to the gym. Showing up in itself is progress, and you need to celebrate it. This might look like, “I was so scared to come to the gym, and I showed up anyway.” Take it as a sign that this time is different.

Channeling Who You Want to Be

What does the person you’re trying to become do? What do they say? How do they behave? Spend time cultivating that identity. Make time to explore what it looks and feels like. If you’re not sure where to start, make a list.

  • Who is she/he?
  • What do you love about her/him?
  • What are her/his fundamental non – negotiables?

Letting Go of Motivation

Despite what you’ve always heard, achieving your goals isn’t about finding the right motivation. Most thought leaders can agree on one thing, changing your habits isn’t about something outside of yourself, it’s about something within yourself.

The understanding of who you are (for most of us) comes from family, friends, and the media’s perception of who we are and that is a dangerous concept.

Bridging the gap between your dreams and your habits is about building an understanding of who you are, and making sure that understanding is in alignment with who you want to become.