How to Be Radiant as the Weather Changes

How to Be Radiant as the Weather Changes
How to Be Radiant as the Weather Changes

There’s almost nothing more uncomfortable than dry, flaky, cracked skin and dry, dull-looking hair that seem to take over your body in the cold months. There is hope. The following 4 tips will not only help you stay radiant as the weather turns dry and cold, but will help keep you feeling great too.

  1. Spread out your showers: Showering strips your skin and hair of the natural oils they need to stay hydrated; when you combine that with the lack of moisture in the air around you, you’ve got a recipe for a dry-storm like never before. As hard as it is, cutting back on the number of hot showers in your life can help your skin and hair maintain moisture, making it a huge defense against the season change.Pro-tip: Turn the temperature of your shower water down a few degrees. It’ll help close your pores, hold the moisture in and lessen the shock of going outside to cold temperatures.
  2. Moisturize Like Your Skin Depends on It: Finding a good moisturizer and making it part of your non-negotiable routine will help keep your skin pampered and grateful. Head to your local beauty store and stock up on samples of their best moisturizers (look for a gentle exfoliant too that you can use 3x a week or even daily) to find the one that gives your skin the best “oomph” and make it part of your morning and evening routine to fight off winter aging. Pro-tip: Keep your moisturizer on your night stand to remind you to make your skin a priority.
  3. Drink a Ton of Water, and then Some More: As your immune system dukes it out to maintain your health as the temperature shifts, your body’s water supply dwindles dangerously low. Pro-tip: By adding extra water, you help keep your immune system on point. The better you’re hydrated, the less likely you’ll have to accept dark circles and wrinkled skin as part of your holiday photo album.
  4. Skip the Coffee and Say Hello to Hot Tea: Hot tea has huge immunity benefits, helping your body stay healthy and illness free, but if you’re tossing the bags when you’re done, you’re missing out on some major fringe benefits. Once you’re done steeping your tea, recycle the tea bags by applying them to dry chapped lips. Pro-tip: After you’ve steeped your tea, hold the bag between your lips for a few minutes and not only will the good-for-you ingredients soothe any burning or stinging, but the small amounts of caffeine can give your pout a little extra plumpness.

It’s not easy to remember self-care during the season change. Responsibilities stack up, and your skin and hair care may take the backseat as you’re trying to prioritize what’s most important. Take the time for personal radiance. When you look better, you feel better; and feeling better is the best way to stay active, stay productive and enjoy fall and winter all season long.