How Much Do Your Genetics Affect Your Fitness?

How Much Do Your Genetics Affect Your Fitness?
How Much Do Your Genetics Affect Your Fitness?

Fascinating topic! Our genetics can affect so much of what we look like, our intelligence, our talents, and even some of our physical abilities. But what about the effect of what we learn and then what we do with what we know? In other words, what about nature vs nurture?

For myself, my athletic abilities are sorely limited. I was the child in elementary school who was always chosen last for any teams. Even way back then, my young classmates suspected that I might not be the most gifted in throwing and catching balls, running, or excelling in much activity outside the classroom.

I know it wasn’t lack of wanting to fit in or a lack of trying. Believe me, being humiliated was not my goal. I really tried. I just simply couldn’t garner the power or coordination necessary to be good at anything remotely physically challenging. Hmmm…Deep sigh.

So, that said, imagine how my interest was peaked when I ran into an article on the Web that addressed the very subject that has plagued me all my life! So many people throughout my life have thrown up their hands in frustration with my inability to be adept at any sport…Could I just practice more? Relax and make it fun? I guess, but I passed the ‘exercise is fun’ stage decades ago.

The web article was an eye opener and provided long-needed information enabling me to fully accept my limitations and be ok with them. I now understand why aerobic classes, or any classes for that matter involving coordination and following an instructor with a group of multiple students, are sadly not for me and I’m now ok with that.

I’m not saying that stretching, and walking, weight-bearing exercise and yoga don’t do me any good. Of course they do. And I can now be comfortable doing them at my pace in the gentle confines of my home environment with no one watching.

Hopefully the article I’ve linked for you below will be a real eye opener for you as well…

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