Foods That Match Your Fitness Goals

Foods That Match Your Fitness Goals
Foods That Match Your Fitness Goals

All my life I’ve gone through fitness-related food cycles. The cycles fluctuate…I may spend months in a semi-conscious state of focus when it comes to food choices and planned fitness,…followed by months of focusing on ‘eating right’ and purposeful exercising. Right now I happen to be in a summertime “look and feel my best” cycle, so I hunted the web for some new food choice ideas that would help me on my quest for a slimmer, more fit, me.

Because I haven’t spent the last several decades in a coma, I believe I have a pretty good sense of what to do about diet and fitness in general. Yet I wanted to take the guess work out of my food choices. For a change, the control freak in me wanted to be told what to do.

I wanted to find a plan that was spelled out in a way that I could make a grocery list and a menu directly from it. Due to all the things going on in my busy life, I wanted things easy, tasty and possible…Foods I would actually look forward to eating…Foods simple enough to prepare that I would not be required to be as talented as a Master Chef winner. Was I asking too much? No! It took a while, but thanks to the article below, I finally found what I was seeking!

The article clearly breaks down fitness into 3 specific goals. I got to choose whether I wanted more endurance, more strength, or less weight. Each of the three fitness goals are then further broken down to describe in detail which foods should be eaten at each meal to meet the specific goal. Couldn’t be easier!

I’m really happy and inspired since I found this article. I hope you will be happy and inspired too! Click the article below…


Here’s Exactly What to Eat to Achieve Any Fitness Goal

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