Your Blood Type and the Best Foods for Weight Loss

Best Foods For Weight Loss Based on Your Blood Type
Best Foods For Weight Loss Based on Your Blood Type

I’ve tried lots of diets. Most work to some degree, but most are not something I can live with forever. I have noticed also, over the years, that some foods simply don’t agree with me. Having a strong background in clinical laboratory science, I decided that it was time to investigate why.

Why do some seemingly healthy food choices hinder my weight loss, and why do some ‘healthy’ food choices make me feel ‘off’ and wish I hadn’t eaten? To get the answers I sought, I turned to the Web.

The Web is a plethora of information… some of it sound and some just interesting. I’m pretty savvy in the pure science approach to diet, but because I have had no clear-cut, consistent, long lasting results, I was willing to look at information on the edgier side of science to see if some concept I wasn’t aware of has been linked to feeling better and losing weight.

In one of my researches I ran across an intriguing concept… our blood type can make a difference to how our bodies react to certain foods! …Interesting!

My next task was to do further research and cull the information down to the best article to share with you. The article I decided on has the clearest explanation of the concept, and it even has a well laid out chart that easily maps out which foods would be the best and the worst based on my blood type.

Yes, you have to know your blood type to make use of this concept, and I strongly recommend that if you don’t know your blood type… find out. Way beyond learning the best foods to eat, you never know in what situation you may find yourself where such information could be crucial to your very survival.

When you do learn your blood type, you’ll be told either A, B, or O. Since each blood type is made up of genes from both of your parents, make sure you find out if you’re an AO, AA, BO, BB, AB, or O. Why? Because when you look at the chart for your blood type you may find that some of the foods that work best for you are under two different blood types.

Here’s a personal example to help explain further: I’m an O. My first husband and I had two sons. Their father is an A. Both boys are called A’s, but both are really AO’s because as an O type, that’s what I kicked into the genetic mix… An A from their Dad and an O from me.

When one of our sons looked at the chart, he found that indeed he did need to pull from both the A and the O suggested foods. It made the chart really work for him because he was able to emphasize or eliminate foods that he knew from his life experience either work for him or not.

Try it for yourself. You might find the concept and the following article and chart, informative, perhaps entertaining, and hopefully helpful as well…


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