Lucky People Do These 8 Things


Why Are Some People So Lucky?

( – You’ve probably played the game… would you rather be lucky or good? Many people choose that they’d rather be good than lucky when they’re taking on a challenge because it sounds like they have more control.

But, what if you learned that you can truly be both good and lucky? That would be pretty cool, eh? Doing some research into the subject of “luck” and I learned some amazing things.

Having luck is beating the odds so it makes sense that if you could improve the odds by doing certain things, it might jolly well push “luck” in your favor. These habits may be just the stuff you need to attract luck right to you.

Lucky people:

1. Have Resiliency

Are you resilient? Are you able to get back up after life has knocked you down? While some situations may leave you with feelings of despair and helplessness for a while, getting back up and pushing forward will show that you have the right stuff to be resilient — and luck will find you.

2. Are Insightful

Those of us who rise out of the ashes after a life setback tend to be insightful. We more often than not make thoughtful decisions based on facts and life experience instead of rash choices that could have negative outcomes. Insight often leads to better life results, which creates its own form of luck.

3. Have an Open Mind

Look on the sunny side of life. Have an open mind about the situations coming your way, even if they make you a little uncomfortable, and always be optimistic. Keeping your conscience open to new possibilities allows new opportunities to flow to you. Lucky you!

4. Think Outside the Box

Are you usually taking the beaten path and making the safest choices possible? Coloring inside the lines can be logical sometimes, but it’s also good to see what else lies out there. Choose a different vacation destination or apply for a job you’re not sure you’re qualified enough for. The effort you put into trying new things may just bring you a stroke of good luck.

5. Take Life by the Horns

Life is constantly evolving and changing — and so are you. To be accepting of new things, you have to embrace change and take risks, even when you don’t know what the outcome will be. For example, you might choose to leave your financially stable 9 to 5 job in favor of your risky dream career. Don’t be afraid; be fearless in the pursuit of what will lead to happiness. It could pave out a whole new world with amazing, lucky experiences for you to discover.

6. Have Flexibility

We all have our own ideas about how we’d like things to go, but life is dynamic and unpredictable. Learn to be flexible in any situation. Having an open mind and being flexible will help set up every situation to have the best possible outcome. It puts you right on the path to being lucky!

7. Are Proactive

Lucky, happy people are proactive about their lives. This means they take the initiative to complete tasks on time, take control of their financial and personal lives and tie up loose ends. To have a good life means taking responsibility for your actions and trying your best to be a productive member of society. Help others whenever you can. The goodness will come back to you in unexpected lucky ways.

8. Evoke Mindfulness

Be mindful. It’s easy to run on auto-pilot just to get through the day, moving from task to task with very little thought. Instead, be alert and aware of what’s going on around you. This will help you spot situations to steer clear of and those where lucky opportunities may be just within reach.

So there you have it. Lucky people may seem to live charmed lives, but it’s their choices in their outlook, perspective and actions that bring luck their way. Take on some “lucky” habits and the luck that follows is there for you too!

~Here’s to Your Healthy Pursuits!

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