6 Clever Ways to Save Money on Beauty Products

6 Clever Ways to Save Money on Beauty Products
6 Clever Ways to Save Money on Beauty Products

Who among us doesn’t have a drawer (or two) with a jumbled mess of makeup and personal care products? Ok. I’ll own up to it…I know I do.

It’s always exciting to be rummaging through the drawer for something and discover an eyeshadow, eyeliner, moisturizer tube or a lip gloss I forgot I even had. When I happened to make yet another discovery this morning, it occurred to me that there was a lot of money represented in that drawer that I was clearly wasting.

I wondered if anyone else would benefit along with me from some tips from the Web on this topic, so I went hunting. I landed on the article that I linked for you below because it gives tips on how to save money…not only on makeup, but also on other products that we use regularly like shampoos and nail products. We’re not just talking about switching only to no-name brands. There’s lots of great advice on how to use your current brand but make the dollars stretch.

Besides the great tips, it inspired me to clean up my drawer and organize what I have in there. I’m pleased because that means the next time I buy something I would usually keep in that drawer it will be because I truly do need it, and not just because I can’t find it.

See the article below for 6 super tips for saving money on makeup and beauty products…


6 Ways to Save Money on Makeup Products

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