3 Remarkable Health Benefits of Silver

3 Remarkable Health Benefits of Silver
3 Remarkable Health Benefits of Silver

As the world adapts to the overwhelming number of toxins and pollutants we’re exposed to, we scramble to come up with unique solutions. Whether it’s the latest pharmaceutical or a “hot new” superfood, Americans are becoming more and more engaged in the challenge of unlocking solutions to these problems.

One of the more recent “rediscoveries” is silver; specifically, the health benefits of silver.

How is Silver Related to Health?

It might come as a surprise to most, but silver has long been used in medicine as a way to kill off particularly strong types of bacteria. Commonly found commercially in bandage solutions, silver is an underlying anti-bacterial in both commercial and medical grade healing supplies.

As infections like MRSA, VRE, CRE and several others leave doctors desperate for out of the box solutions, silver is becoming more widely known as an option. Below are the most common uses for silver when it comes to your health:

  1. Sterilization of Supplies: Unfortunately, the overuse of common antibiotics like Amoxicillin causes bacteria to adapt and get more and more resistant to traditional treatment. Silver can be used as an addition to other treatments to bind with (and kill off) parts of these bacteria that other medical solutions can’t, making it highly popular in sterilizing tools and supplies in the medical field. Most people don’t realize it, but silver is quite commonly used in biocides (cleaning solutions in medical environment) to completely sterilize the environment. Hospitals use Biocides made with silver to ensure that any traces of harmful germs are completely removed to avoid transfer between patients in places like operating rooms.
  2. Wound Healing and Care: Whether in a strictly medical environment, or a commercial over the counter product, silver can be found in a lot of the products commonly associated with wound care. Products like band aids and ointments from notable brands (like Johnson & Johnson) have been using silver as an active ingredient for years. The actual use of silver in wound care can even be dated back to WWI, in which dressings containing silver were heavily relied upon by injured soldiers.
  3. Experimental Healing: Dr. Robert Becker wrote a book called “Cross Currents” in which he shared stories of his success using the health benefits of silver to help heal patients with major wounds and injuries. He was one of the first reputable scientists to suggest that some silver (electrolytic colloidal silver) could stimulate tissue healing, making large wound care a lot easier.
  4. Looking Ahead: There are theories that, if investigated further, researchers could use the same benefits of silver that heal wounds and kill bacteria to revolutionize treatments for mainstream chronic illnesses like cancer. However, due to a controversial statement by the FDA released in 1999 about the negative effects of ingested silver, we still have a ways to go before it’s used as widely as science implies it could be.

As the health benefits of silver become more mainstream, people are discovering more about this remarkable healing agent. Some experts, for example, say that it can be effective in providing healing properties when worn against the skin as jewelry.  In the meantime, if you keep your eyes open, you’ll likely find that you have used or will need to use products that contain silver as an active ingredient to maintain good health.