14 Dirty Little Secrets About Your Favorite Foods…

14 Dirty Little Secrets About Your Favorite Foods...
14 Dirty Little Secrets About Your Favorite Foods...

There are so many articles about “eat this, not that.” This is not one of those. Quite frankly, who among us isn’t tired of hearing about yet another food choice that is no longer good for us. This article is going beyond that.

Here’s my current perspective on food. I want to continue to feel energetic and healthy as I age so I do pay attention to choosing foods that I think are best for me. I’ve landed, for the most part, on eating fresh, unprocessed foods. Organic, non-gmo fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef when I can get it, and other proteins like fish, and poultry that are raised without antibiotics and hormones.

We don’t always eat at home where I pretty much choose the type and quality of the food we eat. I’m not a fanatic, so at least a couple of times a week my husband and I eat out at restaurants, and always with our fingers crossed. We also occasionally eat at the homes of friends and family and to them, we bring no dietary rules; only abundant gratitude for the invitation.

Quite by chance, as I was exploring on the Web for an interesting article for you I found an alarming one about some pretty outrageous things food manufacturers are doing to our food. I absolutely had to share it with you.


Since I do try to buy food that I believe is healthy, I’ve learned to read labels and interpret their indecipherable lists as best I can. Up until reading the article I mentioned, I haven’t thought I needed to be a mind reader too. I just never considered that there were ingredients in the packaged food that never even made the list! I’ve been so naive!

I also haven’t, until I read the article I’ve linked for you below, turned into a cynic. Yes, thanks to the article from Eat Local Grown, I will no longer believe any list of ingredients on any foods that I buy in packaged form. I have to tell you, I don’t shock easily, but the disturbing things I read about in the article below, left me without words. I’m dismayed that I’ve lost what little belief I had in food manufacturers’ basic honesty, but I’m glad the blinders are now totally off. Click on Eat Local Grown’s article below and I will be eager to hear what you think of all this…


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