11 Habits of People With Secret Depression

Want a Happy Life? - 3 Things To Avoid
Want a Happy Life? - 3 Things To Avoid

Those who have lived with depression for much their lives, have a unique way of viewing their place in the world. There appears to be two main types of depression — Overt and Concealed.

People with overt depression are easy to spot. They’re blue much of the time, they complain about how and why they’re unhappy and they’re often grumpy and difficult and they sometimes even threaten to hurt themselves. Those who are going through these recognizable signs and symptoms of depression of course need help, and because they don’t hide it, they more often get the support and help they need.

The other group, into which many, many others fall, is much more difficult to spot and much more difficult to support. The other group is suffering from depression and they really don’t want to let others know about it. For whatever the reasons, people with secret or concealed depression try to put on a cheerful front and few people get to see what’s really going on inside of them.

Being cheerful and welcoming to be around is a wonderful state to experience in ourselves and others…as long as it’s real. By real, I mean that the person not only acts cheerful, they are cheerful inside and out. People with secret depression ‘act’ cheerful…often times over-the-top cheerful. They’re like the face of a circus clown, smiling on the outside and crying on the inside.

Whether it’s ourselves or someone we love, we must learn to recognize the subtle signs of hidden depression. Why? Because depression doesn’t always stay at one tolerable level. Various life events can trigger someone’s concealed depression to become intolerable and there is a danger that they can harm themselves without anyone on the outside recognizing the extreme level of pain that they’re in.

I have linked for you a very important article. Particularly important this time of year when the holidays may be especially difficult for a myriad of reasons. To help ourselves or to help others we care about, we must be alert to the subtle but tell-tale signs that help is acutely needed.

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11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

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