10 Reasons Introverts Are Incredibly Attractive

Odd Things Women Do That Men Love10 Reasons Introverts Are Incredibly Attractive
Odd Things Women Do That Men Love

As we go through life we find that we tend to seek to be around people who don’t stress us… people who are easy to be around and are interested in many things, including us.

People who ask many questions and are excellent listeners. Few people would consider these people to be introverts, but apparently, they are.

The term introvert, however, usually brings to mind an image rather different from what an introvert is in reality.

Although an introvert may be slow to let someone into their inner world, it’s not because they’re shy, it’s because they’re deliberately careful. They know themselves and will let you in if they feel safe with you.

This way of being is amazingly attractive because getting to know an introvert is like solving a mystery. They’re more apt to listen than to talk, so though you love being around them for that reason, you may be also be drawn to find out what is going on in their world of deep thoughts.

In my heart, I’ve always thought of myself as an introvert, but my friends have not agreed. So, you can imagine that my curiosity was piqued, when, as I was sorting through the Web for a good article for you, I ran across the one about introverts that I’ve linked for you below.

I read it and with a deep sigh of recognition, I contentedly related to all 10 qualities of an introvert.

Clearly, my friends were thinking of a stereotype version of the term ‘introvert’ (shy, kind of geeky, even a bit bumbling)…and out of love for me, rejected my premise that I am one.

After reading the article below, I was also surprised to learn that introverts are considered to be extremely attractive to others. This particular realization was a bit of an eye opener for me.

I had always thought that people who were the center of attention and the life of the party were the attractive and sought out ones.

For most of my life I felt that it was a lack on my part that I could never be like that, but now…thanks to the article below…I have confidence that I don’t have to be gregarious and outgoing to be liked and accepted by others.
Perhaps you will be surprised and delighted too, as I was.
Are you an introvert? Check out the article below that lists 10 things that make introverts incredibly attractive people…


10 Reasons Why Introverts Are Incredibly Attractive People

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