10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Wild

10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Wild
10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Wild

10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Wild

(WellnessPursuits) – You might be surprised – and maybe even relieved – to hear that driving men wild is about more than glossy red lips, a revealing top, or a short skirt. Studies have shown men and women alike find confidence to be appealing. If you want to attract a man’s attention and make him crazy for you, consider showing more of your empowered side instead of more skin.

Not sure how? Check out these 10 boss moves. They may just drive him wild:

1. Be Your Most Authentic Self

Okay. We don’t mean that you should curse like a sailor on shore leave or blurt out every problem you’ve ever had like you’re sharing with your therapist. But you should absolutely be your most authentic self. You don’t need to hide your truth. Talk about the things that you’re interested in instead of agreeing with what he has to say or trying to be what you think he might want. Just be you.

2. Accept Compliments Graciously

Confidence is attractive, and empowered women don’t go into ninja mode to deflect compliments. When we’re confident, we know that we’re deserving of the nice things people have to say about us. It doesn’t make you an egomaniac to graciously accept that you’re amazing. It just shows that you love yourself, which you have to agree is much hotter than low self-esteem and a refusal to ever take a compliment.

3. Stand Up Straight

If you really want to make him hot, stride into the room like you own the place. Whatever you do, don’t slouch in and stand in the corner of the room. Slouching communicates laziness or a lack of self-confidence, but standing up straight with your chin up and out can help you feel more confident and can communicate a more powerful persona to those around you.

4. Show Off Your Sense of Humor

You may not need to show more leg – just your sense of humor. According to a study in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, humor is attractive for many reasons. It makes us seem like we’ll be fun partners, and what man doesn’t like it when you laugh at his jokes? Yes, even the dad jokes. Don’t be afraid to laugh or be silly or just show off your wicked sense of humor.

5. Wear Red

Hello, gorgeous! Want to really make him sizzle? Be the lady in red – and if you just sang those words, you’re not alone. A study by Elliot and Niesta in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that wearing red made women more desirable to men. Red is the color of power and passion, and wearing it just might get his attention and draw him to you like a moth to a flame.

6. Hang Out With Your Gal Pals

Don’t sit around by the phone or hang out by the bar like a lonely loser. You’re no loser, and you’re far too busy to wait around for any man. Instead, go hang out with your gal pals. It might surprise you to know that he’ll think you’re way hotter in a group of other women.

Researchers call it the Cheerleader Effect. Maybe you relax more and let your guard down when you’re with your crew, or maybe it’s just the confidence you get when you hype each other up, but he digs it. You’re busy, interesting, and other women love to hang out with you. It might seem like a casual hang, but it’s actually an empowered move to go out instead of staying available in case Mr. Right happens to show up.

7. Know What You Want and Speak Up About It

Okay, we get that most relationships involve asking each other what you want to eat until one of you dies, but he might find it a highly appealing change of pace for you to assert what you want when you want it. In fact, this boss move works wonders in the bedroom, too. So, next time he asks you what food you want to eat (or what you want in any area of your life), don’t be afraid to choose.

8. Look Good For You

This is not the part where we tell you how to look good to attract a man. This is where we tell you that feeling good is assertive and attractive. It’s all about being authentic to the way you like to look, not trying to dress to impress someone else.

Do you feel good with a clean face and casual clothes? You’ll project that confidence. If getting all dolled up and putting on your highest stilettos makes you feel like a boss babe, do that. Studies have shown that when you feel beautiful, you’re a lot more confident, which makes you appear more attractive to men.

9. Be Ambitious

Contrary to what Disney movies may tell us, men aren’t nearly as attracted to the damsel in distress as they are a woman chasing her dreams. Sure, they like to flex their rescuing skills and feel needed, but a woman who is confidently going after what she wants is a woman who is powerful and self-sufficient – and much more desirable.

10. Communicate Clearly

While flirting can be fun, dating games can be a real downer. Instead of trying to make him jealous or hoping he’ll read your mind, skip the drama and communicate clearly. A woman who communicates rather than leaves him guessing will be a lot more desirable than one who manipulates to get what she wants. If you want to turn the heat all the way up, be the one to initiate a conversation, date, or playtime.

You’re an empowered, confident woman. By rolling out these ten power moves, you’ll get his attention and drive him wild. You don’t need your skimpiest outfit to get him hot and bothered (although you could keep that in reserve for special occasions). You just need to be yourself.

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