Would You Risk This to be Happy?

Would You Risk This to be Happy?
Would You Risk This to be Happy?

How we feel about ‘what happens’ in our lives is our own unique emotion. As humans, we’re blessed that we’re not just driven by instinct and we do have the power to choose our emotions.

Stuff happens… and it happens in some form or another for each of us. No one is spared difficult times in their lives and no one gets to experience a purely blissful, idyllic life with no challenges.

No one is happy all the time, but people who are happy most of the time, clearly make good choices when it comes to managing their thoughts and emotions.

I’ve found, as well, that people who are generally happy are not doing so in a cocoon of isolation and safety. They take risks with their emotions and they take risks with the actions they choose.

This is a subject that interests me so I roamed the Web and found a beautiful article that punctuates what 10 risks happy people take every day.

Reading it was a lovely way to start my day, so I wanted to be sure to share it with you. Click on the article link below…


10 Risks Happy People Take Every Day

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