What Does Your Eye Color Say About You?

What Does Your Eye Color Say About You...?
What Does Your Eye Color Say About You...?

There’s probably a song or a poem dedicated to every conceivable eye color. Why? Because our eye color can be one of our most attractive traits, and studies show that it also can tell a lot about us.

Of course we depend upon our eyes for vision, to see the external world around us, but others may note that the color of our eyes may reveal our internal world as well… what’s really going on inside us.

Can your eyes be indicators of your health and whether or not you have a propensity for certain diseases? Apparently yes.

Can your eye color influence how other people perceive you… are you a leader? Are you trustworthy? Yes again.

Curiously enough, eye color can even predict if you might be good at sports or even how well you tolerate pain.

Fascinating subject…

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